This sunday.

Hello everyone,

I recently come back to the game, and been playing a few games with some old friends.

This sunday coming up we fancy having some fun and getting some games.

We got ts and private server, going to get some 6 on 6 or 8 on 8 what ever players want to come, just get on ts and have some fun.

If you interested in coming along and just having a game let me know.

We thinking 7 pm English time.

Baserace 8on8 :)
we got 4 players plus me so far.... what ever people want just get good game on private server ts and have some fun put some life into et. doing it at 7 pm English time now. mail me if interested or write here :)
You know I'm in Williams.. Eventhough I haven't played for like.. 2years?
Prolly not gonna make it
I'm looking forward to play some nice games :)
Good luck! :)
why play here when esports army exists? cu on
hope to gather some electronic soldiers when i'm done with all those exams n irl shizzle
im back tommorrow evening, paly paly?
got exams till next thursday then at night harcore party to celebrate end of exams and also end of teh world :x:d:x:D/:x:Dd
Like i already said, I'll be there
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