Mayday AVI

Hi, Looking for a new home to offer me a 6v6 lineup spot

About me

*Poke-/Low+ Max
*cant Aim At all
*Cant give Coms
*Cant Follow Simple Instructions
*Cant Perform Under Pressure
*Tzac user/ clean wont cheat cos dont know how to install one
*Mature never ever

About You
*Play adleast once a week

Contact: pm cf or /q Mayday1

Nicest guy in this community, gl mate
proper cunt, take him
u forgot to add

cant touch this

gl : D
just quit mayday :(, but anyways, good guy. fun to play with
Team Keen?
Wont happen again
Am done with team managment m8, Teamkeen did everything i wanted to achive, we all still good friends and did not part in a bad way, Some day Teamkeen might return to grace the ET dance floor but for now we all happy just doing our own thing
Damn it, just as I wanted to be backup:D

Good luck man.
what a fucking legend, must be dumb not to want this guy in your line-up :D - gl m8 ;)
Gl mate :)
best of luck
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