RtCW Cup - Video Week 5

image: week5
Just like the last few weeks, I need frags for the next edition of the frag video - Im mainly looking for smg action, be it quick sprees, mega kills or sexy 1mans. I am also looking for fails (anything from missplants to teamkills etc.) for a compilation video Ill do after this video.

Week 4 video will hopefully be up within the next 36 hours, been a bit slow due to the time of year for me. Week 5 video will hopefully be up around 21/22 before Im sure most will break for Xmas.

please reply here with upload of any _new_ demos, please dont resend any already sent content - I will use it if I can / there is a time to use. depends on the material. Aiming for fast paced stuff =)
for teamkills ask ZeD and for fails ask c0bra :D

gl with that anyway :p
Wru video?!
gonna sit this one out to allow space for other less talented players
you can stop now.
Youtubed video(not for the movie, just posting)

Some fun from tonight's matches Stable vs Radd
have everything posted before this, tonight will be the last chance to get your demos online for this one - I'll download anything added tomorrow morning.
got enough footage? might have some epic 1man kills
thats what I need, epic one mans :D send me them =)
I did a goomba on someone, killed him after. Don't know if its usefull tho x]

One doc save @ 7:30 1st round; 3 v 1 with 8 bullets in thompson. :<
got all demos from this now - had some HDD probs but looking to release asap! before new years hopefully ^_^
What a great idea! my friend told me they had a very memorable stay here. Jazy
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