SR need team

Looking for Finland6on6 team.

Same in finnish: kaatui ja mehujannet ei ole aktiivinen tiimi joten pitäisi päästä johonkin kerhoon pelaamaan et:tä. Olen Suomen parhaimpia pelaajia ja aktiivinenkin vielä, ottakaa tiimiin.
SR, one of the longtime pioneers of finnish ET scene, is a very skilled player and has shined as a team leader in the past as well. He knows all the possible tricks and tactics in the game to make your team successful, recruit him while you can. He is also known for his impeccable sense of humour and his heavenly singing voice, so you'll be having some good times in voicecomms with this guy too.

Same in finnish:
SR on hyvä, ottakaa tiimiin.

This guy started playing ET back in 2003 and he is still strongly involved in the scene, that alone should tell you something about this guy - this game is his passion. And even a retard should realize the fact that because he has played for so long, he also knows pretty much everything about this game; The maps, the tacs, how to counter certain tactics, all the shit you can imagine. Also being best friends with his keyboard and mouse for so long, he has developed a top class aim.

Other things to mention:
As mentioned by big D above, he has a good sense of humour. Even the worst whiners will start smiling when he is around. Haven't heard SR singing though, but I heard Deton never lies so I trust him.
SR also has an IQ of a mensa member, so he can help less intelligent people with homework and stuff like that. If you ask nicely, he'll probably even teach you how to solve the rubiks cube in under 15 seconds!

Good luck finding a team.

would read again
avi to be SR's private drunk medic if someone need 2 players..
how dronk are u
Sounds like a nice fella. GL to you
Very nice and skilled dude! GL!
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