Looking for frags. Good ones.

Hello there!

I got really tired of these CSS shitheads, why not make a movie then? I'm looking for a really skilled player with really good frags. No matter if these are spam or smg - the variety is welcome. Just please, don't make them rifle ones. The frags HAVE to be cut - if they're not, I can provide you with all the help you need to do it.

What I can offer to you is a good-looking montage consisting many fresh ideas. The music will be my choice, but your suggestions are welcome. I already have a concept for it so it is not to be changed. I can promise this will be finished, sooner or later, even if it means august or so.

You can review my work here:

If you're interested, please PM me here on cf.

Also, I've lost all the frags I had from the past that were waiting to be added to a montage. I'm sorry for that.

Check your PM please. (not my content - inb4 flame..)
>>> ME <<<

#loca /q bbb-yokoo
take this guy
nice! hope to see a good one! best of luck
inb4 silly dubstep overedited stuff

gl mlody
Im done with dubstep :P
ale i tak porządnej muzyki nie użyjesz! :D
iv got shitloads (if i count the omgwtf frags,if i dont i got......10gb :D) but no time to render edit render edit render edit them...wanted to make a 4-5min movie with 6+frags only..

if interested i can spare as much demos as needed
use this song
and ill show u agood frag of mine :>
Sorry mate, I'm not into overhyped dubstepish stuff anymore :P
how about this one ?

Sorry mate, i'm
affraid no one from the internet may use that song

happy newyear btw
its already used in adze's movie
say to my face@lan?
top comment on that video insulted a family member of yours

Oh my god xDDD

Sup with RTCW FOTW movie btw? =]
why would you want cut demos, no playground for longer times before or after the frag
My playground is the frag itself :)
DO my csgo movie

still thinking about whether to do another movie myself but hard to find motivation after so many
rtcw movie!
Best moviemaker alive cameback, niceeeee :)

Gl bro
I'm gonna need you with this one!
I have some frags from a old project with few community players. I can upload if you want (the best are already cut)
lots of pistol frags + sync would be awesome!
Why you deleted my frags ? :/ I gave you my best ones, ok I'll do it on my own -.-
No dont, no1 wants to se ur shitty movie
gl bruv :)
welcome back&good luck ,---> take weslan !
Definitely a job for jo0f
wanted to create my own fragmovie but lack of motivation something didnt work with 3dstudio max wanted to create ET animation to it and AAE didnt work too :-(
take this

i have much frags already cut

i gave it to a polak called masoh to make my movie but he does not answer me anymore on xfire ;s
i thought you were mr.moviemaker :/
im not a moviemaker

i can only do a movie mp3+frags with some cams ;s

but he made me a test clip so nice, thats the kind who everyone like i think
haha thanks i left a comment aswell

he gave me a clip months ago, was so good man, i will upload it soon if u wanna see it
good luck spankie
if you wish to make a community movie i could provide you with all of the frags. loads of different players, awzum frags and good opponents/players. (like 5,000 cut frags on my pc & id have to ask permission from some of them to give away the frags!)

if you dont wanna do a community movie then Netherlands joshua has A LOT of frags :) he was saving them for over 4 years now, like 300+ unseen frags all vs known oppos
or no, mental is making josh's movie i think d:
I wanted but somehow I lost the motivation, got a 4min movie already, but I guess he doesn't want the 4min version cause there are still missing some frags :/ Would take like half year to finish it full
how can you lose motivation after making 4mins :d thats like half or more of the movie?
yes but finding music and shit :S and somehow I just dont want, I could do it but that would take almost 6 month from now, I dont know if he wants that
why would it take you 6 months to find music and add frags to vegas tracks?

spankie made griim & lazio's movie in like 2 weeks, and it had a helluva lot of editing
Well I could finish it in 2 days but I am still playing other games so cba to moviemaking a game which was made in 2004; Like I said, I could finish it, but takes time, I'm not getting anything for doing it :P
et was made in 2003 and i cant think what difference that makes. cs was made in 1998 or something and people still make cs 1.6 movies everyday.
lol already gave up?
the frags im offering him are not the ones i am using :)

like i said, got thousands of frags on my pc.
so it's the leftover frags?

nice man nice
meh, wouldn't call them leftover. a fragmovie can be like 40-50 frags max.. and i have tons of amazing frags in some folders, can't use em all d;
i know what ur saying, he only good enough for leftover material

n1 bb
Just make another community Movie instead of medskilled Guy Movie.
In before movie of the year! Good luck, looking forward to it :)
some tough competition out there for that m8
You are a hell of movie maker,I rly like what I'ev seen,wishes you best of luck with that project.
I got some nice frags tho,but Im too lazy cutting em out,so nvm meh.
ask hunter
got a lot if u need
no one asks lowskilled random jews faking a legend anyway so gtfo loser
uh yeah, as if I would give a single shit about u. hanging around, judging ppl u don't know and act like a lil nazi + scumbag.. cmon, rly.. idc. "loser"
just gtfo already faker :)
yeah.. no. Good Night, Mister :)
Make my fragmovie, have enough frags!
are they cut? :d i know a few moviemakers
my frags are cut, tell me some moviemaker that is avi :b
i have one in mind, i'll have to find out if he's interested first! :D

assuming you are happy with great colours/quality + hitsounds then he'd do fine. will find out by tomorrow :)
alright pm when you know something more :P and yeah I don't have a big requirements so it's enough for me! thanks
dont recommend this guy
They are cut
Loved your movies can't wait for next ones.

P.S add hitsounds <3
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