RtCW Cup - Video Week 6 (Play-Offs)

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Hello Crossfire Community

After a great run of excellent games in the group stages we've seen some pretty amazing fragmovies from the likes of NetherlandsBully, BelgiumHomie and United KingdomMerlinator. I wanna continue this awesome streak with a new video including the play-offs games. So what i need is stunning frags with insane headshots, splashing multikills with panzer or airstrike, awesome doc saves and all the other things you can consider movie worthy.

So if you could upload your demos and post the link here with the time and round your frag has been made, i would be very thankfull and do my best to make another sweet movie for the sequel. Thanks in advance.

Frag on boys! and keep those demos coming!

Moments of the week
teaser: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VBKoBgJsyJU (made by homie)
week1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IWlcaJjO9qY (made by homie)
week2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tdOhk9CF6R4 (made by bully)
week3-4: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JJ2OiKYuk-U (made by merlinator)
week5: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hVhS3Rrm410 (made by merlinator)

rtcw fall cup 2012 all videos so far from warwitch, dts & voice, and more (over 22 hours of footage!!):

banner provided by BelgiumHomie

looking forward to it, will upload all the demos I didnt use for you by midweek - get demos up guys need some nice frags! ;]
gl playa u r a good moviemaker ;) surprise us !
i may have missed a week or misunderstood merlinators latest vid was of the final 2 weeks maybe.
we didnt make playoffs but i have stuff from final match if all ok ill upload? thanks
ye mate np. any frags that are good and havent been used in other movies are good just post them here with time and round and ill see if i can get it in.
woo playa! :=)
Amazing job so far :) Good luck!
Am going to find a clip to be submitted, feel like I should try and get in at least one of these movies!
Pretty sure there were at least one or two high quality multi-kills from you in the show matches.

Certainly worthy of inclusion if Playa is making a movie.
was a sweet Luger shot :)
Looks like y'all having a good time. :)
Hey we pubbed in that "show" match vs a mix of Euros the other day, Birdz vs Euro, I had some multi panzer kills and some other multi kills if you're interested in my demos to add to the movie. Or is this just for the playoff movie that hasn't taken place yet?
ye showmatches are ok 2 if the frags are good i can use them. so if u want just post your demo with the time of the frag. :)
Ok will do. Thanks for the reply.
my demo is from that showmatch too but playa decides what he will use... just post it and you will see if its in yes or no...

2nd sw 1st round around min 8 ---- 10 man kill in 2 spwns 6 with strike 4 with smg.


there's some awesome docreturns of kih during the the playoff game vs mortis,
like this one: http://homie1337.bestmail.ws/temp/voicedocsfail2.png
i could upload the wolftv demos if you like? inb4 voice mad :D
When complete make sure you link me the download do I can stream it ONAIR.
Alright i will.

Btw do u also record only the sound of your casts? i'd like to give an extra dimension to the video with some of the shoutcast moments. So if you could deliver me some of the soundrecordings of some games that would be awesome. I still need to figure out which ones i need though but just wanna know if that's possible. Else i need to download the whole cast and take out the video footage. Will save a lot of time and work :) Thx in advance and good job on the casts, i really enjoy them ;)
Ze staan op youtube dus je kan ok een youtube converter over die casts heengooien mocht je echt de cast wille gebruiken?:P
Will put some demos here tonight for you mate if that's not too late?
Can I submit frags from 24/7 beach pub? ":D"
Looking forward to the next set of videos, made me start playing RTCW again :) Keep it up!
#rtcw.wars, start playing some EU osp wars!

i have a lot of content but i think i'm gonna save it, plus my frags look ugly cos of the lag :P
not from cup, just a scrim.
I like how meeky comes in and clears the house with double pf and alot of splatter all over, i could ask him for his demo if you want so you can paste one after the other switching pov between?

** wasn't bully making another one as well? See if you can use it else I can send it to him
need the islam village kill on the video!!!
merl 6 man suportfire @ village!!! a g a i n
that too :p
Im every day refreshing and refreshing cf, waiting for this video >.< cant waiiiiiiit
Duurt lang :{
Who's doing week 7 and 8?
its playoffs vid only imo
What a great idea! my friend told me they had a very memorable stay here. Jazy
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