RTCW Fall Cup Playoff Predicitions

Thought I'd strike up a prediction thread to get some idea of what the community thinks will happen. I don't know the European teams very well other than what I've seen in shoutcasts so I'll just come up with something based on standings and match results.

Mort6s (2-2-1) vs KiH (3-1) = KiH had the better record but Mort6s played in a tougher group with Op, Cave and PMCG. Of which KiH had a forfeit win as well. Mort6s took a point in their match against Cave. Based on what I'm seeing in the stats and standings I think Mort6s had the tougher road here and I think they pull this one out.

Birdz vs Badazz - Tough matchup for us. We'll have to bring everything we got to stand a chance. Good luck, have fun! (side note, that show match we played against the Euro mix team wasn't really what we can do, at least I hope it's not!)

Cave vs @mnesia = Great match here. Can go either way, I think Cave takes it because I can't remember what I was going to pick originally... see what i did there.... ugh, I know ghey...

Highbot vs nO = We had a draw against nO when we played them. Highbot has been competitive team for years and years and that experience should move them on to the next round.

Its great to see the greatest team game back in the spotlight. I hope these cups continue in the future. Good luck have fun everyone!

Disclaimer, I have no clue about the EU teams, I'm just trying to strike up conversation about that tourny and what people see happening.

Sounds pretty reasonable, but you may find that a few disagree with your Mort6s v KiH prediction. Personally I can't decide either way at this stage, but appreciate your insight into Mort6s having had the harder route.

In fact I can't see any of these games being that easy for any team. Even those teams who seemed a little off their game earlier in the tournament, have really started to nail their aim - this should be a great series of games in the run up to the final.

Are you guys playing on a one US server, one European server match style again?

Are the maps still team choice, or has it been decided that for the play-offs there will be a fixed set used?
Teams pick a map, 1 round on a usa server / 1 on a EU server (i think the map by your choice on the server you ping best on).
What Crabje said, we pick a map that's played on our US server, and they do the same.
mortis - kih game, im almost sure KiH will take it. Dont forget they where the finalists of the one-day cup + they already drew raw in their group game.

birds - Badazz. badazz will win.

Cave - @mnesia, tough game to predict. based on activity i would say cave.

Highbot - n0 No offence to the n0 guys (i love em), but i bet they will get spawnraped, knifed to death and goomba'd from above.
goomba'd?! :)

Killing an enemy by jumping from a high perch onto their head.

(see also: taking the piss when a lugering isn't enough)
LOL, nice! Gotta work that into Sundays show in your honor.
QuoteBirdz vs Badazz - Tough matchup for us.

Thanks :) We did not the last couple of weeks, so it'll be an exciting game! :)
Pick base against badazz.
i see what you did there

image: badazzvscave
we have been praccing that map, every day since.
Nothing is official as far as this post but we're more likely to pick a different map like beach or ice or something like that. We won't decide until Sunday.
Nice, reverse psychology - keep 'em guessing rampage ;)
KiH will spawnrape mort6s tbh.

further on in the tourney:

kih wins vs stable
op wins vs badazz
one wins vs cave (this will be exciting!)
xeimos beats highbot (depends wich map i guess)

kih vs op is tough to say but at the end i guess kih will win cause of their awesome teamplay
one will beat xeimos if you ask me...

final will be great but at the end i guess kih takes it home!

gl to all teams! looking forward to see the streams of warwitch and voice/dts! great job so far!
can't see kih winning this tourney tbh..
for example: They weren't that strong vs mortis as i expected them to be (okay it was 4-0, but it could have been 3-1 or 3-0, mortis was just very unlucky)
my prediction
image: playoff

have my doubts on kih vs xei thought cause olbaa is gone & kih can always suprise :)
the things u do to not stud bitch! :P

call me names now and tell me i dont understan a clue about rtcw but am i the only one who thinks oP is being overrated? i personally think between one xei and op the best team to fight against is op since they r the less active guys atm. I got sad yesterday when i saw bully asking for 6on6 because i didnt saw them for the last 3 or 4 weeks playing together and i was hoping to not see them till pur match :P. maybe they did and i wasnt here. So im praying to get a 98 ping mata on our match. if that happens i dont see a clear win to oP if we have our full lu although i think they still beat us. guys like this dont need to prac much since they r probably the team with the oldest rtcw players in the cup.

im probably rong i know :)
Imo you are wrong. No way that badazz would win from oP anytime soon. And i dno bout the activity on oP that much since im inactive myself
studying differential equations like a bawz atm!
finished it, after 12h of studying it! rip bernoulli
LOL oP could not play together for 2months and still beat badazz 4-0 :s and its not cuz ur bad but op are just good:D wake up >D
i think highbot can beat xeimos.
Admittedly I know nothing of the Euro teams other than youtube stuff and that team we played the show match against was brutal and was a mix of all different players.

Granted there's a ping issue when it comes to playing over seas for us but that doesn't take away the fact that there is still a ton of talent on the Euro teams that we don't see here in the USA. Stable is the best on this side of the pond and our team, the birdz, are really the only other full time OSP team that tends to come together in force for these things.

For our team we generally don't get much RTCW in especially compared to what we used to do, then again who does these days, but we've been trying to make a good effort and hope to at least bring Badazz a match and not a walk in the park. But we know we're a heavy underdog in this match, we don't really care about that kind of thing. We just like playing.
KiH already one that game so I guess most people got that one right.

We will beat Birdz, might not have as much luck on the USA server but on the European server for 2nd round + decider I hope we won't have too much of a problem.

Cave will beat Amnesia and I don't think it will even be that close.

Hightbot will beat National Owners in what will once again be a relatively one sided game.
Why was the KiH v Mor6s game played mid-week?
I think it was just a case of it being the easiest time for both teams to play. I was trying to organise a stream but unfortunately, because my internet is so poor, I rely on Voice to actually stream the video and he was playing, so no joy!
Bugger; oh well that's a pity.

In my opinion all those teams that worked hard enough to make the play-offs have deserved some streamed coverage for their efforts - to say nothing of the fact that it sounded like a close game, (even if the score didn't reflect it).

Hopefully the other teams can arrange times to match the streams or perhaps match a stream to their preferred gaming time.

Showcase the talent! ;)
Myself and Voice will try and cover as much stuff during the week as we can and of course Warwitch will also be casting every Sunday. Keep an eye on the rtcw.wars IRC channel as me and Voice have even been casting the occasional practice, just so people can see how the different teams are shaping up.
Will do - I'm normally in there, but have been preoccupied over the holiday period.

I'll cast on Monday as well if I can find a casting team and have matches to cover.
i think amensia(indomitus) is also overrated ... think badazz with their strongest lineup (with xperia and kevin) can win against them in the loser bracket but then against xeimos they lose i guess...
and i agree with osiris about op... they are strong aimers and they play this game for long time now but still they dont have the teamplay of kih or one.soldiers :O!
What a great idea! my friend told me they had a very memorable stay here. Jazy
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