RTCW Fall Cup Playoffs Round 2

Round 1 is down and most of what people were predicting had come true with the higher ranked teams moving on in the winners bracket. KiH, Badazz, Highbot and Cave all move on, while Birdz, Mortis, nO and Amnesia head to the consolation bracket. It's not a losers bracket, we're all in the playoffs and that means something. :)

So lets talk about the upcoming matches. As of this post I don't think anyone has played their match yet so here goes nothing. Also clanbase and the original playoff bracket seem different so if I have the matchups wrong that's why. I am going based on the original bracket that was made.

Winners Bracket Matchups:

Stable vs KiH: Seems I was clueless about KiH and I must say I know very little about them. They seem like a strong contender and some people even have them winning the whole thing. However, they are facing the top US team we have here in the states and I personally played against the guys from Stable for many years. As much as they bust our balls and the smack they talk on us I can't help but admit they are some great players. With the right lineup they are devastating. The advantage Stable has in this match is they get 2 rounds AND the tiebreaker round on their server of choice so the pings will be in their favor and to me that spells doom for KiH. I look for the upset of sorts, based on what others think of KiH, with Stable taking this one 3-2 in overtime.

Highbot vs xei: From what I can gather about xei clan, they are strong, really strong. Highbot seemed to cruise past nO but they may find xei not so easy. Should be a good match. I look for xei to come out on top.

oP vs Badazz: All i've heard for two weeks is how great oP is and I don't doubt it. If all the hype is true then oP moves on without much difficulty. Badazz is a good team but we took a point from them when pings were closer on our server. Admittedly when we went to bad's server we got spawn camped but that doesn't really say much when we ping 148 and they ping 48. Sure badazz is strong, but by all indications, they are not oP strong. oP wins 4-0.

One vs Cave: One is another favorite to win this cup. In the regular season they took all their matches 4-0 and show no signs of stopping. Merlinator is a beast among the rest of his team. Cave is a great team but I just think One will be too much for them. One wins 4-0

Consolation bracket:

Mortis vs Birdz: European servers kill us. I know I sound like an excuse making wanker (that's my euro word for today) but it's true and everyone knows ping advantage makes all the difference. But we choose to play and we know what were in for and there's not crying in wolf. Zed and his band of misfits should prove very difficult for us. If its our last match then we look forward to the next cup and we had a lot of fun playing the game we love. We shall return! :) Good luck, have fun!

Amnesia vs nO: @ took points from both KiH and Xei and that says something. nO is a good team but I'm not sure they stand up well against a strong amnesia team. @ wins here.

Good luck to everyone and we look forward to watching the shoutcasts/steams from Warwitch, Sabo and crew.
Why is the decider on a US server for the KiH versus Stable match? Thought it always went in the EU's favour as it is a European cup?

If what's written above is indeed the case, then Stable have a small chance. However we already beat them (and should've won on their server too) and KiH are better than us so I'm still going to give it to KiH (sorry CKY!).

Xeimos/Raw will be a decent game but it will be either 3-1 or 4-0 to Raw.

oP versus Badazz is probably the easiest game to predict. I can't see oP getting out of spawn on either map and they are going to have to put in a strong performance to even take a point. Just kidding! oP to win 4-0 although if we give them a good game we might take a solitary point off of them.

Cave are a good team but I'd say they are more in our league than in One's league. Again I'd say 3-1 or 4-0 to One, although I'm looking forward to seeing some sneaky moves from Twister, Homie and pals.

Judging based on our games against Birdz at the weekend, they are going to really struggle to take a point on a European server. Looking forward to seeing a close game on the US server, however. I'm going to go with a Mortis win here.

No idea if Amnesia are even going to see out their games. I predict a forfeit win for n0.

The games I'd like to see on stream would be any game apart from ours as that is going to be the most cut and dry out of all four I'd imagine.
I'm not sure if the server advantage goes to Stable. I was going based off the higher seed. I didn't know it was defaulted to European because the cup was based in EU.
DooM will destroy 1
Consolation Bracket sounds much better. Now I feel bad for calling it the losers bracket, heh!
So I'll get some shoutcast love next time you're live then?! :)
Heck ya! I think we mentioned you on Sunday because of your last post on these forums. Good stuff.
Lower and Upper Bracket =)
4-0 kih wins (its just as shitty for the eu players on usa server tbh so that cant be an excuse)
4-0 xei wins
4-0 op wins
3-1 one wins
4-0 mortis wins (spawnrape tbh)
if amnesia plays as indomitus they win 4-0 izi ... spawnrape all rounds!

highbot - xeimos is the best match to cast if you ask me!

cave - one can be a great match too...

maybe show the americans with cky and then other match...

gl to all teams!
KiH will win from stable without a doubt. We (badazz) won vs stable and lost vs KiH multiple times. So 4-0 to KiH, maybe stable will get a point on their server.

Ye, oP will win from us :o] Cave will lose vs one, xeimos will deffo win vs HB.

Mortis will probably win and I think n0 will get the forfeit win over .@.
i agree with the others :p
Lol kih is gonna rape stable 4-0 easy cause they couldn't win vs badazz in that xmas cup. Hoping to see a good match thought :)
Looking forward to badazz bringing their A game for this one :-) GL HF
hopefully ;) at least we would get some sort of gg then.
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