new mouse - help

atm im using a broken Razer DeathAdder (3g) mouse and a Razer eXactMat pad.
since my mouse is broken id like to buy a new one, and also replace the pad (its kinda old)...

so.. which mouse do u recommend? and which pad fits it ok? (highsens / lowsens)
atm im thinkin of SteelSeries Sensei Pro (though i guess u can only buy the RAW edition in jewish land) and a QcK Heavy pad...

thanks alot for ur help :)

image: fd12241breeducati1098r8
Both the sensei and the xai ( I guess the sensei raw sort off replaces the xai.. ) use a sensor that has 4% positive acceleration which cannot be removed, which is especially noticeable when you have hicpi settings.

The best mousepad ( in my opinion, that is ) is by far the icemat, since you have 100% control over your mouse. Some do not like it, because it is really hard to get used to such low friction. I think the puretrak talent is one of the better cloth mousepads if you were looking into buying one.
Steelseries Sensei is really a good mouse and combined with a Qpad CT or a Puretrack Talent its the smoothness world. You can't go wrong with this mouse.
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steelseries sensei
Zowie AM, end of discussion, after trying multiple mouses I must say unless your hand is like really big there ain't no better mouse on the market atm. It has the probably best optical sensor on the market atm, the standard mouseglides are just perfect and the mouse comes with an extra pack of mousefeed, no software required, no prediction and all that shizzle and so on. The mouse worked okay with my qck heavy, but I recently got my puretrak talent which feels just perfect for a sensitivity of about 1 and a 1/4 turn if you move the mouse from the left side of the pad to the right
did u try the sensei ? heard only good stuff about zowie am...
2 bad u cannot get puretrak talent pad here :< any other pad that is simmilar iyo?
Had the xai, broke, steelseries products got a bug which often makes them lowlife products (windows stopping to identificate the product). I know few who have the sensei, an okayish mouse, quite overpriced and way too many useless features. It's not possible to use it per raw mouse input and it shows prediction shizzle etc.

The roccat kone+ dooppi mentioned is known for having an instable sensor, just like all the other roccat mice, the mousewheel often breaks and it's overpriced as well. The only good thing about it are the weights.
is there a difference between the Zowie AM and the Zowie AM GS? its costs the same :X
zowie am got rubber on the side, gs dont or the contrary.

this is idd a pretty good mouse.

otherwise go for logitech g400.

roccat kova is a good option also.

i wouldnt recommand steelseries mice since there are a lot of bug with it + unremovable accel.
sensei is the best mouse on the market ATM
saying no without even trying the mouse LOL
Mates of me have it, just a simply drawing in paint makes a difference, and you shall not forget that steelseries products are seriously lowlife products
well its funny as a fuck when some tards with low aim complain about a mouse :D

the sensei is technological most advanced mouse on the world :D
having thousands of useless features doesn't make it a good mouse though
i havent seen a single feature that isnt usefull again i have no idea what r u talking about
yes, wtf are you on about???

12 millions of colours are verry useful!
do whatever suits you best. just dont fall for the over 9000 dpi marketing trap.

I use a logitech mx518 atm and im happy with it.
but i preferred my old IntelliMouse
sensei has 11 400dpi:P
r u happy with it? does it really have 4% pos-acc? do u even feel it? :X
which pad do u use with it?

in my opinion its the best moue in the world,why?
best shape ever (untill im finished designing my own mouse the steelseries sensei will have the best grip & shape)
best glide position, the smart position on the teflon glides make the mouse glide soooo smooth, it almost feels like ur moving it with ur mind

i both tried 11.400cpi and 1cpi, i must say the laser works perfect

using steelseries qck heavy
1 cpi, yes, as excite mentioned, the laser the xai and the sensei use have 4% unremovable accelaration + they can't be used with rawdata
I have no idea what r u talking about.
lol :P

which pad do u use?
i have a g400 and it's a fine mouse... but i think there are a lot of better ones.
The deathadder still seems for me the best mouse along with the zowie's.
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mx518 is bestest mouse on da market?
razer are decent too but breakable like a 18yo's pussy
MX518 + QcK+
tried some different brands but no one ever comes close to the mx518 imo its the best! and cheap compared to razer,steelseries shitness..
i had MX518 b4 the Razer DA and the Razer is much better (3g) :X
idk maybe the sensor is great but i really hate to hold that mouse in my hands. the ergonomics of that mouse is so fucked up and the glossy side buttons makes me angry grandma :D its personal preference i gues..
ie 3.0 + qck
All u need is a good sensor ... and a good grip for za hand
best grip for big hands = Qpad|OM-75
image: QPAD-Outs-the-OM-75-Mouse-for-Pro-Gamers-2
idk the grip looks awefull from my pov
i got used to it fast and it feels great in my hand
how big are your hand???

wat mouse/mice did u use??
well big :) .. mx518 for many years..zowie ec (the big one) and now this qpad
ROCCAT KONE PURE or xds same shape as mx518 and its laser mAuse
dont know about sensei but ss xai is the best i've ever used.
just ordered razer abyssus :)
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