Kitt avi

Yeah im avi for any kind of format but pref 2on2/3on3

im german, 25, and ofc med+ (actually around med), can speak denglish and i hate partys and other shit :P

so pm me here or #fes
Skilled player, gl ;)
is that a fake account?

Danke :D
why should it be a fake account? :D
u were an old nobrain member right?
schon ist aber nun auch ein paar Tage her :D
but i will never forget it! ^^
kittkiller gl
Finde dritten und zocken abunzu offis usw ;p
gl but fix ur mic ;)
kitt bei 3on3 bin ich dabei !!! lass uns nen dritten suchen und paar mal die woche zocken :) - ansonsten GL
klingt interessant :D
it's my bad actually cos we've lost i was playing without any concentration at all he couldn't do all by himself ^^
where did i wrote that i'm med+?

that med+ above is the normal CF med+..

i would say im around med tht can mean med-, med, med+ is not my choice...

and watch the match than judge :P
/q snsz on irc, if u wanna tryout in my team.
gl kitt owner
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