BSOD at loading XP

Hi there,

I've got a laptop here (DELL Inspiron 1300) which goes BSOD after 1 second into the XP Home loading screen. I then get error code 0x00000024, indicating that there's either a HD or RAM failure. I ran the internal diagnostic tools, which came up with no errors. I also ran a chkdsk /R, which gave no errors too. Then I ran several memory and harddisk scan tools through Ultimate Boot CD, which also came back without any errors.

Now the weird thing is, it recognises XP and tries to boot it, but when I use the XP CD to check the partitions, I see my harddisk being labeled as an unknown partition. This means it doesn't recognise it as an NTFS, but still it loads the files off it (I mean I do get the XP loading screen for a few seconds before it goes into BSOD).

I'm afraid I'll have to do a complete format, but if I can avoid this any way possible it'd be great. This is not my laptop and it has some really important data on it. I don't have any external devices I can connect the harddisk to so a backup isn't possible.

Thanks in advance!

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Uninstall TZAC

he he he he he he he
time to let xp go
It's not my laptop, and I don't think it's capable of running Win7
Go for linux. When working at the izone I once installed ubuntu 10.10 on a Medion laptop which was running too slow ( 6yrs old ) and wifi was broken.

After the installation:
wifi actually worked
speedy ( or speedy enough for good usage )
The problem is that the person the laptop belongs to is a total retard with computers, so Linux is not an option. I'll consider it though, I do think it has enough inhouse tools for what he needs.
K so it's gonna be Linux (thx for the tip), what distro would you advise for a total Linux noob? I read Fedora and Ubuntu are good for beginners, but as you seem like a Linux guy it's smart to ask you too ;)
Linux Mint and Ubuntu seem to be very user friendly, haven't used either in a while.. and I don't like the way ubuntu is going.

The best thing to do is just to install either of those distro's.. set up some default applications he uses and everything should be fine
Thx for ur help, here's a banging bitch to enjoy in your fapcave! Cheers!

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Take hard drive off from the laptop, plug it to another PC and take all important data?
Sry maybe stupid question, but before I open it, is a laptop HD compatible with a normal SATA connection?
Well it depends on the laptop wheter its a SATA or IDE port, but yes, its compatible with regular desktop motherboard.
chkdsk /p
fixboot (choose yes after its finished)

probably your ram is damaged
I thought xp ingame h3h3h3h3
whats the problem
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