Fragmovie Music - 2013

Well, it's 2013 and there hasn't been any fragmovie music related Thread.

So here it goes, if you were to make a movie, what music would you use nowadays considering the best edit/sync/flow possible?

Please provide few youtube links or something.

Still? xD it used to be famous back then at fragmovies. Does people still like it?

DnB and trance seems to be more used nowadays!

Provide few examples :D
Of course people still like it x)
although the tune is quite good

i wouldnt prefer a clip with this compared to some aggresive DnB
It's all a matter of taste my friend!
ur gonna make something new?
It's completely unrelated to this topic. I am just curious what people would like to see nowadays at a fragmovie!
Used so many times in BF & COD fragmovies
didn't know since i don't watch BF & cod fragmovies?

btw imo thats not reason it shouldnt be used in ET movie then...
Chill out just saying a fact, not saying you cant use it for ET movie
Most of the songs are syncable. It is just how you feel about the song. If you feel the song is great and you have plenty of ideas for it you should go for it :)!
Thats true! It's all about the ideas. I don't think there is good or bad songs, it just depends on how you edit/sync it.

But some musics help you alot, mainly because of the fast or important beats.. ideas will just pop out!
will be dubstep or other crap anyway...

More for outro or something though...

Aslong as its not metal im fine.
Power Metal and Hard Rock, still the best and'll always be for fragmovies

I've been thinking about the 2nd one for quite long time now, but can't really find motivation to make a movie only because I like the song.
i wonder why spankie didnt put his hands on that one.. perfect for his style
quite overused, but tbh spankie's style is just horrible overediting, even too much for this song
overused? hmm can u show me examples, would love to see them
+ fucking one!
Something like this?

kinda awsome song :]
OGame movie
what do u mean by OGame movie?
Anything but wubwubwub earcancer is good
u said like 100000 times your going to make a movie ! WOW ME <3
I found a awesome band but i dont wanna share it coz i want use them for my new movie hihihiih :D

Burzum - War

this would be mindblowing
Somebody should try this:
Tame Impala - Elephant

e: its the only one here that isn't metal?! ffs
It's completely unrelated to this topic. I am just curious what people would like to see nowadays at a fragmovie! |
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