Fus Female and Male team.

Good Morning Crossfire, I have restarted a old team.

We are making two different line ups, a male and female team.

So far we have a full female line up and team which is below I would like to announce.

Nebu - Noobygirl - Luna - Punky - Tesla - Deryn

Back ups - stokkie - basty - Daga.

ps - any other females interested please mail me.

So watch out ;)

We are also making a male team which we are in need of members for.

So far we have

Williams - Smg eng
Implux - Rifle
Fritsie - Medic

We are looking for 1 aggressive fops, and 2 medics.

What we need

Skill - Med+
- Able to follow commands and tactics
- Talk on ts
- Loyal
- Will turn up when needed
- No egos
- Most important... Fun! and want to have a laff.


Please Idle in #Fus

Please mail me here or on irc if interested.


do they also need to send a picture?
QuoteWe are proud to say we are sponsored by #no1.

You are not sponsored?
selfmade team
Used to think you guys at no1 were decent guys. Hope poussyhole, my favourite polak, wakes up and leaves you guys. Real stuck up jerks!
well they was our sponsor until what he wrote here....

He doesn't like that we changed name to fus.. for some reason. As of today we was, wrote this post and he removed our channel and mailed saying server will be down... 2bh doesn't really matter it costs about £15 for these.

<no1|Poseidon> i know, we sposnored u
<no1|Poseidon> not have u as subteam
<no1|Poseidon> anyway, im going to shutdown server

basically he said he wants us to be called no1. He states that no1 is the reason people still play et. And now he is refered too as the reason et is still alive. So yeah...

anyway this post is looking for players and stating new team so if not helping keep flame away
he needs to pull his head out of his arsehole. Spoken to him once and would never bother with him again.
Williams whats your problem telling people lies?

1. I never said no1 is the reason people still play et.
2. We had some agreements and you just trolled us?
3. you wanted to be part of no1 with creating a subteam.
that means more involvement.

Anyway, for me it doesnt matter anymore what people think about me, i did good things and bad things.
and im proud of what ive been doing for the gaming scene, not only ET but also other games.
Poseidon I have no clue what your on about. I had no argue with you, you wrote this on here, and then you insulted on irc straight after.. I also been told you been in my xfire account and also irc account. So you one trying to play people. look this is a post for a team. stay out
Go ahead, Insult me again, i have been on your xfire and irc?
Tell me, who told you that cause im not going to lower myself to your level!

i dont know where you have your bouncer from but you should ask them for logs!
Be happy that im not posting the whole story and the agreements we had. You've had the chance to solve this in private but you didn't want that. Why do you want to give no1 a bad reputation?

Good luck with finding your team, hope they will open there eyes soon and find out who you really are.
Maybe you should learn English before you start talking about sponsoring.
I'll sponsor you ;)
long long time demented hows u? :)
Good thanks mate yourself? Didn't realise you were still playing ET :-)
And what may be the reason?
Fuck you nerdassfaggot,where is my bouncer?????
Your bouncer? You can have one, why didnt you PM me..
I did,more then once,you told me to post on the site,I did,but since,nothing.
Very cool women team. I'm glad to see some of my old soldiers getting their guns back.Have fun everybody with your computer (and keyboard and mouse and headset)!!!
what about the monitor ?
I dont like monitors, deal with it.
thank you pal :D what im aiming to do get bit more fun back
Sorry to break the news for you but deryn is in teamkeen
you're the devil, don't you have a heart?
people can be in 2 teams, which she is. Its a girls team fun thing for the girls so can be in 2
and also said she won't play with fus again
med+ and you in the lu... Oh

nice female lu :> gl to all girls!
bobika sounds girly join in pls.
med+ ugh?
gl implux mate, too bad i'm inactive
gl girls&nerds
i see alot of Boners atm in dat Topic...
that's why you like the this topic
i can handle it.. i have to believe

tesla med+???

trolled hard.
http://tz-ac.com/profile.php?id=3919 (you)
http://tz-ac.com/profile.php?id=2945 ( her )

I recommand you to get the fuck out Mr.Pancake
point being?

you so wrong bro.
this isn't saying tesla is med+ this post is saying....

this is our new girls team. Wooop welcome to et girls.

And its saying we looking for 3 players for males team.. and we are asking for med+ players. Nothing against asking for a certain skill.

I know mate, but trying to get a rise out of people.
No hard ment :)
You are shit with cheats. Without cheats the dribble haning from your chin couldn't hit a donkey's arse with a fucking banjo!
potty is on fire tonight
I am always on fire, I just can't be arsed to flame people on cf as it gets way too easy.
Still a spot free at the female team?

heheeheheh this womanizer Williams
punky best
med+, huh?
gl implux
uuuh implux
online pimp?

gl punky, basty & noobygirl :D
hf nebu punky deryn ^^
aduna-ti oameni sa va batem asa nitzel :D
Care oameni? pe lover? :))))
pai nu faceti fata numa voi :PP
9-0 va batem.harta noastra collided
nu aveti dreptul sa va alegeti harta. clar!
gl williams,fritsie,implux,punky,basty and luna!
Whats the point of a female ET team... there is no any else...
Can play 3v3 against each other!
so he can try his pick up lines on them and invite them to come to his place (true story)
omg punky omg
omg basty omg
Quoteps - any other females interested please mail me.
Why u not in females lineup will?
GL punky basty
R.I.P. ET.
Been a while since a woman moaned my name. ZING!
avi for female team
Good luck Punky, basty and Noobygirl <3
gl everyone, im avi :P
Quoteany other females interested please mail me.

soz to break the news to you but it would seem your as stupid as low as bad at writing your own language :<
say it again, but now in english
sorry bro gonna study English at Cambridge next year, but yeah you still speak it better than me ;o
Cool story bro...but for a future English student, you should know not to use the same word in 1 sentence.
Quote it would seem your as stupid as low as bad at writing your own language
its called anaphora its to put emphasis on the accumulation thx gg bb
Coming to my town without permission?
At least learn differences between your and you're.
Good luck finding med+ players who are not in a team already.
Good luck girls , Williams just keep on playing , massive dudes are all avi if you need players sometimes
you still play??
start using xfire again or tell me where you idle on irc :)
Freud would be proud. GL.
TESLA < 3 show your sniper skills :)
Fagalag dead ?
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