sony vegas rtcw problem

Im having some problems making a rtcw video in vegas pro 10.0
im on xp. and the clips are at 90fps from vdub in huffy codec.
i can go hours without seeing this coulourful glitch then all of a sudden most of the clips in the vid start or end with a second of it.
is there anyway to repair this or get past it?

example at 8seconds on test clip.
hmm wish I could help, I have seen this in ET movies as well (final versions) but never experienced it myself.

Nice ET vid as well, never watched that one!
haha yea me nosy and bishy. grant entrance to et in season 18. snapped up by viktor and dontell
Hmm, do you get that thing after renderin or is it alrdy in Vegas(project file)?
I would try using sony vegas 8, it's overall basicly the same as 10 but I found it to be less buggy.
9 works pretty fine for me as well
Had the same in the past! Just reboot vegas
worked haha.
can i get a songname from testclip?
it says underneath the video in youtube haha. 'blackout'
oh, i was looking for it in description but it was empty, thx
Using Magic Bullet Looks to create CC? If so, before you render, put preview quality to Best (Full), save, restart Vegas and render. MBL tends to glitch colors a lot similar to that test clip, and (for me at least) it's fixed by restarting Vegas and starting render straight away.
Simple render bug, reboot vegas

or your vegas just doesn't like the 1.0 hitboxes >D
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