Kevin - Possibly available


I might be avi for an EC team if there are some good and fun guys playing in a team. I'm more in shape than during my last so called "comeback" since I've played quite a lot of RTCW lately, ET = EZ now.

/Q ehamo

kevin + ET = ragequit within 5 mins!

GL though <3
Do u use the same sensitivity on rtcw and ET? And GL btw
Bad player. Do not take.
Lets play together Kevin, I'm not terrible.
I'll take that as a yes. Just pm me on IRC bro.
Somehow I thought this was the title of a fragmovie :X
join cave for rtcw!
ET has been EZ for me since I started playing it, I'm a natural. But then again, I excel in every game, in ET, RtCW, CoD, AC, the list goes on and on.
Haha ^^ gL in EC mate, sick team you got there!
Oh, and good luck.
gl derserves top team
sup mate, still keeping that bench warm?
Goed geluk vriend
GL class player with the EGO you need for success!
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