searching for low/med team

looking for some lower team which plays the game for fun
i dont have much time and not realy interested in playing EC or OC 1st div ( to serious buisenes for me )
i still would like to play from time to time with some nice guys

cheers eujen

you can pm me here
omg the king of brain eujen is back!

gl mate :)
if u need a lowbob who hasnt played for a long time, im avi :D
:_D got no time anymore for new 3on3 wining spree :_D
gl my beloved friend <3
gl mate

u can maybe play with almighty (after 3 year trial), guess we will play oc 3rd or something
oc 3rd too high for almighty!
Get him in son!
gl m8 :) such dir was seriöses :D
same hit me up x
GL Eujen
gl mate ;)
mr braintutorial !!!
Gl eujen.
pm if you still haven't got team ;)
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