one.more RtCW 3on3 cup #1

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24/03/2013 - Announcement Post

Date: 31st March 2013
Start Time: 18:00 CET (Earliest)
Minimum Teams: 6
Tournament Structure: Based on signups
maplist: frostbite, beach, base, escape, sub, ice

Confirmed Teams:
Europe noPressure - Estonia mata, Norway kris and Finland mystic
Europe I beat dusty at table tennis - United Kingdom crumbs, United Kingdom dusty, Latvia Clown and United Kingdom owzo
United States of America Team NA - United States of America parcher, Belgium fizmo, Belgium maxtor and Germany Oxy
Germany Subzero - Germany Cliffdark, United Kingdom teQ, Netherlands zukkit, Germany souX and Germany Atrox
Europe hype - United Kingdom razz, United Kingdom jam, Netherlands mirage, United Kingdom sqzz, Estonia night and Finland olBaa
Germany Unbreakable gaming - Hungary sebi, Hungary powi and Hungary varadi
Europe AOD - Poland h2o, Belgium Yoda, Slovakia Tomik, Belgium mauser and Italy Krauser
Jamaica flowerpower - Netherlands bully, Belgium Kevin, Finland pudi and Netherlands karma

Dropped out
Netherlands Team Clockwork - Netherlands juncie, Netherlands abort and Netherlands SeN
Europe Bhstyle - Netherlands ramzi, Netherlands vis, Sweden nack, Belgium strango, Belgium xai and United Kingdom Warphase

The cups later rounds will also be casted by Warwitch and the mg42 crew over at WarwitchTV. Please show your love and give a like to his facebook page HERE

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omg rtcw omg GL

#1 team jam
#2 team crmbs
#3 team kris
wait til people signup before predictions :P
mirage not even top 3?
avi for thiss
Signing up a team- 1) parcher, tba, tba
once you got a team name and two more players Ill add you mate! This 3on3 cup will be on EU servers only though, I could do an NA based competition sometime if you think there is enough interest?
SUB 3ON3! would love to see that. gl guys :D
gl guys :> would love to play /pm
Lol hype
avi :>
Vxzh @
United Kingdom/Latvia I beat dusty at table tennis - United Kingdom crumbs, United Kingdom dusty, Latvia Clown, United Kingdom owzo, Europe TBA
I dont think you beat me at Table Tennis ;)
bhstyle: ramzi,vis,nack,strango,xai
where are hungarian guys? :)
avi !!! :)
Germany Unbreakable gaming: sebi, powi, varadi
sorry but this is rtcw not et.
unbreakable gaming might need a backup player :o some1 good?
not anymore :)
i need a team / pm #rtcw.wars
good games.

sorry we dropped out, but varadi raged too hard.

anyway i see as a great achievement that we almost fullheld the winner team on beach :p (3 sec)
interesting site i love it keep posting more!
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