#FES needs some "palyers" for OC!

Hellow fellow crossfire nerds

SInce ET looks alive again and i hope this will last for a while,we've desided to revive our 6on6 team therefore we need some new players for upcoming OC 6on6/3on3,we also plan to play ladder actively.

You have to be somewhere close to med and you have to know some basic tacs cos we cba to explain tax over and over again.
We don't care what nation you are as long as you're clean cheats wise,also it'll be cool if you can speak some engrish when we're at comms.

If you find yourself in anything mentioned above pm me here or at irc in #FES

P.S.Kitt is piling loads of beer for any future members


#Fus wnb?
wnb wat can't you read bruv it's #FES not #FUS,E you know ;)
ET live ?... some of u should stop use some drugs
is that even sentence?
he said med skill not low
ok mccloud nerd XD come 1on1 pls
avi if you need a player! :--)
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