GPS Give Away are going to give away 3 full sponsorships to well established communities or clans that's have a following and want to work alongside a GSP for bettering the services in which we provide. This means all the services they require will be free, and fully paid for by the company, on behalf of the sponsor. It will be at least a minimum term agreement of 3 months as a trial basis and then thereafter, if both parties are happy then it will be on a year by year contracted basis.

This will include, Web hosting, Voice servers, and Game servers.
What we would be looking for is a positive gaming community with experience and followers who are willing to work alongside and increase the standards of the game server industry in which we set. Simply by feedback and through honesty on services that we provide.

Our application process is done through the website so please feel free to go to:

2) Sponsors
3) Sponsorship
4) Click on "apply now" and read what's required when making a sponsorship

To all others who would be interested but doesn't qualify for a full sponsors, we do also do part sponsorship as well. feel free to check our sponsorship page for more information.
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Reduction of lag


This post is dedicated for those who suffer from lag and high ping, NoPing is software that greatly optimizes your gameplay.

With unique technology, NoPing Tunnel traces the best route to the server of your favorite online game.

Gaining up to 50% improvement depending on your internet!

Test for 3 days for free, if you register at the link below:

Watch the video below with and without NoPing!
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