#Supski.et looking for smg

image: m6zh7llf
The team famous for being number 1 in the 6on6 ladder and above queens in the 3on3 ladder is recruiting for the upcoming clanbase season and any other cups.

We would prefer an engi smg, however if you're a skilled smg that doesn't play engi don't hesitate to pmme as I'm like a kameleon and can adjust to engi smg (unlike razz zLOL)

Romania stary
Belgium xAe
United Kingdom fumble

founders: IcEcrusT,fumble and IceQ
CEO: rito
Head of Marketing: razz
Design team: miXer
Chief whip: Potty
Chief of communications: Goku
Chief of cleaners: Owzo ( aka Mr.Muscle)
Human resources: Kamz ( he also analyses our stats)
Catering manager: Jinosta
Resident Rent boy: garin
Spin Doctor: Hste
Security: darkrider (also on highest salary, this kid got prospects)
Bench presser (strongest employee): Nyke
Encyclopedia guy: Artstar
Personal trainer: Koop
Valued members: Everyone else

shoutout to Belgiumpiegie for the song!
haha ye! but I think its 98?
99 bro. 99.
gl guys ;-)

cu on battlefield! :p
Thanks and definitely!
skilled eh?
fumble dumble pumpble low X:D
GL guys :)
gl guys :)
i got this
hell yeah
gl guys
eng smg avi :)
avi fumblio
you guys still need a 6th?
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