mM.Player needed

Hey CF,

after laNgo stabbed us to get his own Team and more Teams for ET, we need 2 Players to fill our Lineup again..

about u:

- be med+ to help us to get stable results and carry us
- giving much comms ingame
- speaking United Kingdom
- be able to play Mondays & Thursdays 20 CET
- Medic or 2.Engr, who knows how to play for the Team and get kills

about us:

- med skilled
- praccing Mondays & Thursday 20 CET ! (if CB/ESL starts, maybe Sundays aswell)
- "serious" ingame

x Germany rAMOZ (Rifle)
x Germany Fendah (Field/Medic)
x Austria DrLagAlot (Medic)
x Belgium eden (Medic)
x Belgium siL (Medic)
x Europe 6th (Medic/2.Engr/Field)
x Europe 7th (Allrounder)

if you are interested pmme here @ CF

visit us @
IRC: #mysterious-monkeys
just get a decent revive medic .. siL is an awesome engi ;))

gl guys and sorry for the "stabb" <3
never ending story? :((

gl andre
Pffff hope Daniel is ashamed! :SsS
yeyeye iam such a bad person, right?!
gl ramozzzzzz
never ending story...
GL masculine mans
Good Luck guys! Try to get jok3, maybe he is up for that... #alpenbog <- he is idling
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