RTCW Legacy Cup - need players

As the title says. Need a few players for this cup.

+ Be avi on sundays - tuesdays
+ know the game
+ be awesome
+ aiming for top 5 :)
+ be a nice guy
+ either Luitenant or Medic

Netherlands Vis
Netherlands crabje
United Kingdom sCarzee
Sweden / Denmark Lelle

Contact me at #liquids

(17:37:09) 01(vis{) ik wil alleen top 3/5 :<
(17:37:10) 01(vis{) and u know it
(17:37:10) 01(vis{) !
(17:37:15) 01(vis{) vis gonna prac hard

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image: Elisha+Cuthbert+hot+celebrity+images%252C+nice+pictures%252C+beautiful+wallpapers+in+bar
gl great guys!

cu @ finals
succes maat
vis, lelle.. OMG! gunZ!!
oooh LIQUIDS old team wb :) and gl
Great site i love it keep posting more! https://storageshedssiouxfalls.com
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