one.more RtCW 3on3 cup #2

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03/04/2013 - Announcement Post

Date: 21st April 2013
Start Time: 18:00 CET (Earliest)
Minimum Teams: 6
Tournament Structure: Based on signups
Maplist: adlernest, frost, sub, beach, ice and escape

Tournament is free for all to signup, you must have at least 3 players on your roster and a maximum of 4, this is a change from the last cup that will hopefully get a few more teams.

Cup Groups and Playoffs

Group A
Europe Team Facesmash - Sweden malmen, Iceland phyzic and United Kingdom owzo
Europe raw - United Kingdom jam, Netherlands mirage, United Kingdom razz and Finland sirkka
Europe Taliban - Netherlands karma, United Kingdom mexx and Belgium dooPPi
Europe FaP - Poland h2o, Portugal zukkit and Finland raw

Group B
Europe subbly jubbly - United Kingdom crumbs, Latvia Clown, Norway Kris and Netherlands abort
Europe liquids - United Kingdom skarzee, Netherlands crabje and Netherlands vis
Jamaica FlowerPower - Sweden askungen, Belgium homie and Netherlands bully
Norway vse - Estonia ZeD, Estonia RommY, Norway kl0vn and Norway rivendale
Loving the map pool! Will definitely get involved as either a caster or a player.
bullshit mappool!
just do base, beach, ice, frost and (village)
village in 3o3? Go wash your mouth son.
these maps are far better for 3on3, they are smaller and the map times are not huge so more exciting all-round. As much as base was great in the last cup it did slow down the rounds by quite a bit and for a one day cup that is not great.
need to put adlernest on the servers to prac...
you need to prac more things :)
cup is 3 weeks away :) plenty of time.
son i am proud
Hopefully can get a team together!
FlowerPower signing up.
lineup: askungen, homie, bully and maybe malmen
didn't know you were swedish bully!
A mistake easily made since my swedish is so fluent.
true true, i remember confusing you with askungen & malmen sometimes on ventrilo!
Merl could you add kris to our lineup?
kris can come play with me and clown and carry us on his shoulders to victory.
I can play from 18-22 only and ofcourse with that team we will get to finals.. Dilemma. Mayhaps you can get someone to play for me later. bully/crumbs talk to you on irc this evening.
with that team u will get fullheld at flag gg
avi to win cup
avi to lose cup, need 2 players, pref dutch ppl
United Kingdom crumbs, Latvia Clown, Norway Kris
Renamed to subely jubbley will try and find a backup aswell on the day
wtf no razz no sqzz? :(
there is an ET UK game on sunday, so I guess they are playing that.
ps. need 13333337 3rd
mata pmme
olba? phizic? gl!
:-) maybe havnt spoke to gav yet, but i will tomorow, No UK game anymore teheheheheh but
Traitors, hope you lose
if your online later u can play if kris has to go
liquids United Kingdom skarzee Netherlands crabje Netherlands vis Anonymous TBA
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