[Stream] How To???


i recently changed my arabian connection to something way better.

so here we go im wondering if iam able to stream with that connection :

28Mo download - arround 2Mo upload.

my computer isnt that good but its decent :

phenom 2 955 (4x3.2ghz)
ati 5770 OC
4go ram 1600Mhz
with an ssd

also wat program is friendly new streamer with a decent quality???

i would like to stream on twitch or even on justin tv, exept if u know something better...

EDIT streaming shootmania war + vocal coms (mumble/teamspeak)
thanks for your answer!
OBS Project is great software, however with only 2MB upload you won't be able to do a solid 720p stream I think.. You need about 4/5mb upload to do a solid 720p stream. (you can still do 720p but your quality will suffer alot)

as you can see on the last stream, the screen doesnt show the game.

i guess i did minimise but is that such a problem??

or anything else i should know about??
There are some issues with OBS and fullscreen games. I use window mode for my streaming and that works perfectly. Minimize could be a problem I don't know, just be active on OBS's forums for things, its a very active community ;)
ok, thanks for your answer :)
OBS isnt there yet. if you want the game to be fullscreen at all times it shouldnt be much of a problem.
If you want to use layouts and segmented screen elemets you will still have to use Xsplit.
Xsplit is good
merci :p

tu as une idée si on peut l'avoir cracké sans que ça pose de problème quelconque??? (ni avec twitch/justin tv, ni avec xsplit, ou autre)

parceque sinon c'est payant et c'est pas donné par rapport à l'utilitée
la version gratuite fait le job mais sinon j'ai testé OBS ce week end, ca marche bien aussi et c'est totalement gratos :)
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