Could someone assist me on finding the link to the RTCW free multiplayer download??? much appreciated
i downloaded it but when i join to ECGN it kicks me for a communication problem????
be sure that in game your cdkey is complete
run WolfMP as admin
be sure you have shrubmod and punkbuster working
hmmm....how do you do this virkes?
i typed in my cdkey and said verified...
Communication problem: Pnkbstraexe.
Firewall man thats all just allow PnkBstrA.exe you can brown and go pb folder, select and allow thats all
Thank you all for the feedback!especially you V1rkes...I'm a noob when it comes to computer stuff.
np, did work?
Yes it works beautifully. :-)
buy it on steam
ryknow xDDDD the american rtcw fatty
sensi come on over i'll show you how fatt kicks the piss outta skin and bones ;)
interesting site i love it keep posting more! https://storageshedswichitaks.com
deck builders Im really excited about this.. cant wait!
deck builders Im really excited about this.. cant wait!
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