RTCW Legacy Cup - Players needed!!

Hi all,

Looking for 3-4 players that want to play in the upcoming RTCW Legacy Cup.

Looking really to have some competitive games, be involved and have a laugh. Have a few guys already interested but if fancy playing give me a shout on irc. #rtcw.wars - neo`

Good luck Dan, would play if I was around
United Kingdom neo probably using this nick while the rest were playing with lego
newschoolers, too many of them
after 5 beers the world is like picmip 5 - feri
Good luck mate!
Bring back TazHoliO and I'll play.
:O :O :O

gl :)
Pretty certain TaZ is family planning!! Dusty would know more though!
let's do this
Still in need of players if anyones up for it?
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