Gstars looking for 1 more player

Yo crossfire

Since we kicked Netherlandsfreak (also known as zukkit) out of the team for well known reasons (Wallhack), we are in need of 1 more player for the rtcw legacy cup

We offer:

- Lot's of fun
- Good communication
- Active players
- Ts3 private channel
- Private rtcw server

Since we won vs VSE (3-1) , we have a good chance qualifying for the play offs.

If you are interested you can pm any of our players at #rtcw.wars (quakenet)

Current lineup:

- United Kingdom Neo
- United Kingdom kiz
- United Kingdom meeky
- United Kingdom warphase
- Belgium Xai
- Belgium strango

Strango forgot to add that you will have access to some of the greatest pictures you will ever see
Do you also have the recruiting procedure that every new member has to present you a picture of his anus like we mysterious monkeys do?
I heard crumbs is looking for a team
we trialed him yesterday.
neo you really need to figure out how to reply to a guy :p
bad times :x
good lucky :)
i wud play, but i never played rtcw.. is it similar to ET?
Well it's quite familiar, but the game style at least for me is a lot faster, also there's more spamming with arty and stuffs. Only annoying thing that i find is the massive screen shake when there's arty nearby :p
you gonna shit bricks when you're not used to it
link me demo of zukkit with wallhack on 1.4 + pb
I thought wolf 1.4+pb was impenetrable :/
"I thought wolf 1.4+pb was impenetrable"

- trolling?
interesting site i love it keep posting more!
Really excited to do this next year, been reading a lot of articles to make sure i dont miss out anything custom closet
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