Looking for a team

Hi ppl, i 'm v4s(i L i) i downloaded rtcw last week after i didnt play it for like 7-8 years, then i found out its not dead at all.
Since i heard there is an active RTCW cup im looking for a team. I'm from the Netherlands but im currently staying in mexico (just robbed a bank u know) till june 13. i hope to find a team here! my skype is "onropiwitz".

i played on several cups in warleagues back in that days.. since i dont really remember all the names i cant tell ya much about that lol 8 years is a long long time : p on AoD Dm server ( i guess its somewhere in europe idk where ) i have avg around 200 ping, on FuGaZ dm i have like 120 ping. i remembered some commands and some polite guys send me there cfgs so i have been working on that : ) I'm really looking forward in some oldschool cup matches!
come on #rtcw.wars on quakenet irc and search a team there!
edit: http://www.youtube.com/user/homiertcw if you want to watch some recent rtcw action matches!
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