RTCW Legacy Cup - Frags of the group stage

Time to give demos extended due to playoff start delays - 1 extra week! (demos to me by Sunday 9th!)

image: legacy_cup_groupfrags

As there are less games this time round in the group phase, will just combine it into one frag video - maybe slightly extended compared to previous ones (and the aim would be for it to be ready for the playoff stages and aired on WW stream).

In terms of footage - any good frags are wanted, be it smg/nade/panzer etc etc. just make sure the frag looks good and not just an average 3man for instance.

I will be using crumbs' demo scanner software to do this. All frags from players competing are welcomed, and the time period for the frags is anytime between the end of the last cup and the end of the group phase of this cup, March 18th - June 9th, scrims or officials are fine. (submitting frags too late may result in them being left out though!)

pm me a link to demo - would be nice for there to be a text file or something saying what I need to look for!

Demo Submit Cutoff: Sunday 9th June
Planned Release: Sunday 16th June
nice work merl, looking forward (:
Cool man! Will send ;-)
Hey merl,
Is the footage confined to official games or are scrims fine too?
oh you and me had the same question :D
QuoteAll frags from players competing are welcomed, and the time period for the frags is anytime between the end of the last cup and the end of the group phase of this cup, March 18th - June 2nd, scrims or officials are fine.

vs. teams though, and 6on6 only if possible.
nice man, only group games? no pracs for instance?
pracs are fine also yes
lacking demos atm, need to be sent more!
wouldn't send this one normally, but since you lack frags anyways :D
hope its worthy enough
not sure if you want the demos given the quality of match but could do some gameplay/teamplay footage of us setting 1:50ish on base vs team cross breed?
looking more for individual actions - if you or your team have anything get a demo uploaded for it to be included =)
this may be an incredibly stupid question but is there any way for us to record demos that are somehow more of what we see on our screens compared to what specs see?
because our demos sux with such bad delays haha
timenudge might make a difference to what is recorded but not by much - generally not that big a deal though from seeing your demos last time around.
Got a few pewpewz merl :D mostly from 3s tho. Need pracs vs somebody else other than one:O
next time maybe :p
share your panzershotZ!
demo submission extended by one week to 9th June due to cup delays - pm me demos here or facebook.com/Teamonesoldier
the marketing strategies of merl to promote his fb page :D!
most rtcwers dont use CF, I would have linked my own profile but you have to pay to pm someone not on your friendslist now it seems, where as pming a page is free (stupid facebook idea to charge)
only in uk? don't have that here
there is the option to do it without paying, but the person doesnt get an icon saying they have a pm and it goes in a different folder - I would guess it is the same everywhere.
So releasing it today?
nope, will wait for the RO16 show.
heyyyy im back bigger and better with an amazing 550 ping from china this time!!
if im not too late!! 3 demos. 2 shit ones but one you might use. demos are named with times.
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Really excited to do this next year, been reading a lot of articles to make sure i dont miss out anything custom closet
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