IMAGE-ET problem.


Im using this program for ET game and its awesome.

But i have one problem - sometimes in avi file im experiencing that some parts of movie are faster than the others. Did you ever saw the same problem?

Is there any connection between captured files and fragmentation of my hard disk? Cause im experiencing it only on the beggining of my movie, parts later are good.

I dont think that this is something wrong with settings in Virtual Dub - I can see it clearly when i use cl_avidemo 1 command and see during cutting when this process is getting faster and slower - when its getting faster it will be faster (not normal) on my movie.
Try and play it in Sony vegas instead of your videoplayer.
This problem exist in Sony Vegas too.
try encoding the somewhat raw .avi to a smaller mp4 and check if the problem is still there.
Check the tutorial section. Expecting your pc to play a few gigabyte files withing seconds is not a good idea. Encode with a proper "final" codec (like xvid, wmv, x264, ...) and check again.
Ok, sure you have right. Reboot my pc helps too after i cut a few actions. Last: i have problem with sync my video with ingame sounds - i have a choice: or good sync on start of the movie or end as you can see on the example below:
Extremely bad quality and sound sync. Get to read some tutorials 1st:
Have you done ram preview and played it back or just hit play? Because lets say that your preview window in Vegas is set to Best (Full) and you start playing -> it will lag and after a while reduces the quality of the preview allowing smoother playback.
buffer overflow attack

If you can just check this simple demo which i recorded - isnt it too fast in one moment after 6 second?
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