DrLagAlot avi for 6on6

Hey guys,

as I just quited my last team "Mysterious Monkeys" after a half year of nice gayming with them I am in need of a new team for 6on6.

If anyone wonders why I left them, well, the last 2-3 months didn't go so well anymore and I noticed that I've started to whine more and more when playing with them, so before I become a burden for them I thought it'd be the smarter decision to leave them.

I can play every class, I'm able to play at the skill of all divisions and I'm available at 2 days per week. I can be helpful with tactical masterpieces of shit and organising matches. And I'm available for the ICL 16 lan on a sidenote. Ex teams are in my profile.

I'm also able to play OC prem/EC this season, although I think there is a rule which causes me to wait for another matchweek.

You can contact me at #mysterious-monkeys /q DrLagAlot or drop me a pm here on crossfire.

Thanks for the read, I'm looking forward to serious offers!

Quoteand I noticed that I've started to whine more and more
But you're always whining
Gl tho.
fucking shithead nub I'm never whining go away you low


image: 33386275
bad decision...
There's no way I'm going to regret it, most likely I won't find a team anyway which will cause me to at least have a little more time for other stuff and if I find one I'll be happy to play with smth fresh
totally unrelated to fact that they dropped of all competitions?
well, better now than when the next season starts and it's very unsure if jester will be able to play after moving to denmark on thursday
sure man, sure
he finished the competitions they were in and didn't force them to find a new 6th halfway trough, its not that big of a deal now?
their win, you were as usefull as razz with rifle today
So I backspawned twice on goldrrush in our yesterday's offi in order to be quicker and got you on full at both of them when you were going up the back alone, irony?
good luck mate.. :) Yes i am unsure. But it's like 90 % chance i will be avi.
"can play all divisions" just not anything above 2nd I guess
You guess too much
gl !!! :)
DrLagAlot u know :) :)
gl radar roller
thanks missile bitch :D
EC PLS LOL oh wait its 2013.
its nice to see that you reply me.
good luck man! played with this guy quite a few times hes a decent player! :)
You got paid for this, fish head? :)
Yeah a few thousand bucks, why?
gl (he asked me to)
paying isn't asking :(
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