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Since the statstool everyone is using (evolution wolfenstein stats) isn't always correct (e.g. it has flaws when someone pauses the game) i decided to make a better one. I programmed it with php, so that means it's web based and you can simply upload your rtcwconsole.log to a website and the tool generates and hosts the statsfile for you.

Feel free to try the first version under

Upload the rtcwconsole.log from your osp directory after a game (game had to be in stopwatch mode otherwise the tool won't work). Currently the host is just a free-to-use provider with slow performance, if anyone is able to host it on his own server i'd appreciate it.

Any positive/negative feedback is welcomed.

Update1: Statstool is now available under! Thx to kris for hosting it.
nice,.and thx testing atm
download version would be great
Gj raul!
raul pm me on irc when ur back
OSP Round Stats 1 - 6 are buggy
The OSP Stats are generally not right. I just included them because the old tool had it too.
Nice. Gj
If you upload a logfile and the stats aren't correct just send me the logfile with a description what's wrong (if it's not obvious) and i'll take a look into it.
source? :P
wow nice work dude!
nice work, only thing you should change is the font :p make it a font that is less thick :D
cool, is there a way to make it for et as well?
Not working with ET at the moment, i don't know if i'll make it for ET too.
would be cool if u did
well ye, but urs includes some more statistics
hope these are rtcw stats haha :*D
For those who's logfiles aren't working: Try to set the vars "logfile" and "cg_drawNotifyText" to 1.
interesting site i love it keep posting more!
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