ET Movies

Is there much of a scene for this nowadays?

Anyone still making movies?

max chapter 3 was the greatest movie ever made! :P
thx a lot
at least artstar and I do
and raiven...
own3d dead, we're doomed. :<
That was RTCW and just a quick mix really!
Afaik Artstar and ag0n do, but as always there's people like IceQ that just make loads of test clips. :)
mAx ??????? :O
I'm a different max. I did make mAx Chapter 3 though, for the belgian ET player. :-)
Not gaming movies, but I stayed in the video field. More details:

What are you doing these days? :)
Cool. Nice one. Looks good!

I graduated from uni last year and have just been working as a musician since. Haven't really done any editing etc at all in the past 4 years. Too bad that the community here seems to have died. Could've used a little fun project on the side.
Really? Wow :)

What instrument do you play, or do you compose/produce?

If you do your own thing with music, having a video background can be very helpful. You could essentially make your own music videos and make a complete experience joining both fields yourself.

As far as community goes: yeah its pretty dead. Even public servers are disappearing slowly - no more BiO or efter :S. On the up side Warwitch is casting a RTCW 3on3 cup with a few oldschoolers -
Guitar. Don't really do much of my own stuff. Playing for other people and at weddings, as well as teaching pays better! :P

Yeah, would be great to be able to use some of the video editing skills to do some music videos for friends etc. Shame I don't have a high quality camera! Haha.

I just went on IRC today for the first time in about 3 years and #crossfire has about 1/4 of the number of users they used to have. Seems like so much of online gaming has shifted from the PC to consoles.
Its getting cheaper. Depends on what you want, but you can start with a few thousand euros. You can do pretty high end stuff with a DSLR/mirrorless camera (Canon 5d mk2 really opened the market here). No need for bazookas anymore :P

I got a Panasonic GH2 a few years ago for about 1k, and another 1k for a few lenses, and some more for a tripod and other little things (batteries, memory etc). Then i got a bunch of other stuff a bit later when I actually started making money with it :)

And the quality is more than enough for any current media outlet (well maybe except for the big cinema walls).

A few things i shot more as tests of the camera and the slider i built:
Sweet. Looks good. When I start earning enough to warrant the purchase, I think I'll have a look at getting a good camera.
Recently I created two earcancer fraps clips h44llo
I'm trying to finish movie for Specula and Testi and don't know if I will have time later. Got few requests.
No one has put together a big project for quite some time (Mostly nice config + mp3 these days).

The rtcw guys have been making the nicest highlight clips by a long way. Most of the ET stuff posted recently has been rushed/fast turn over projects.
i remember you had some stuff from the australian community. like posted few months ago
Would love to make movie(s) but going to army next Monday, so meh.
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