ET on Mac (Windows 7) Fullscreen?

Hi guys, long time no see.
I need your help. A friend of mine wants to play ET on his Mac. He's got installed Win 7 64-bit and everything is working fine. The only problem is, that we are not able to run it in fullscreen mode. I know the commands and tried freaking everything. It goes fullscreen, but it stays black at the sides and top/bottom.
Any suggestions?
Sincerely SL4NG
atl + enter xD
Already tried... didn't work :(
probably a problem with scaling.

Check the nvidia driver settings. Especially this part :
LOL, I just posted this exact same problem as a Journal
why install windows 7 when u can play ET on mac natively?
no tzac support, lower graphics (don't ask me why, but at least in my mac I get 30 fps playing ET while on snow leopard)
Timbolina might be able to help you
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