one.more Cup #5

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24/07/2013 - Announcement Post
Date: 28th July 2013
Start Time: 18:15CET
Minimum Teams: 4 (probably a maximum of 8, first come first serve.)
Tournament Structure: Double Elimination Bracket
Maplist: adlernest, frost, sub, beach, ice and escape

Tournament is free for all to signup, you must have at least 3 players on your roster and a maximum of 4.

18:15 - UB Quarter Finals
19:00 - UB Semi Finals / LB Round 1
20:00 - UB Final / LB Round 2
21:00 - LB 4th Place Game
22:00 - LB Final
23:00 - Grand Final

Map and round rules
Every game the maps are picked the same way, some games have less rounds than others. Each team eliminates 1 map from the maplist (knife duel to decide if needed, there will be a coin toss on casted games) and then each team picks a map from the remaining 4 maps.

UB Quarter Finals and Lower Bracket games (except LB Final) are best of 2 rounds. One round on each map is played, teams defend their own map first. If a decider is needed whoever picked second eliminates first from the 4 maps that were not played.

UB Semi final, UB Final, LB Final and Grand Final are 2 rounds per map picked, usual rules.

This was done to speed up the lower bracket and make sure the cup finishes within a certain amount of time.

1. France team-phase - United Kingdom jAm, Netherlands mirage and Finland olBaa
2. Europe Elite - Poland h2o, United Kingdom mini and Poland waflu
3. Europe queens - Norway kris, United Kingdom razz, Latvia clown, Estonia mata
4. Europe flowerpower - Sweden askungen, Sweden malmen, Germany oxy, Netherlands bully
5. United States of America team unity - United States of America parcher, Belgium max, Canada crono
6. Europe team real - Belgium fstr, Netherlands vis and Netherlands rezta
7. Europe Kings - United Kingdom lasher, United Kingdom rAzbo, Belgium syL and Italy art
- - - - - Backups - - - - -
avi for this ! pm kApot on irc xFire: exasq
flowerpower's in with:

askungen, malmen, oxy, bully
team real : fstr, kARMA, dooppi
Gl flower <3 ill be cheering for you at 22.00 cet!
Good luck and play well!
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