one.more Cup #6

image: onemorecup-6

Date: Sunday 4th August, 2013
Start Time: 14:00 EST / 20:00 CET
Minimum Teams: 4 (probably a maximum of 8, first come first serve.)
Tournament Structure: Double Elimination Bracket
Maplist: Base, Beach, Frostbite, Ice, Keep and Sub
IRC: #rtcw.wars / #onesoldier (both Quakenet)

Game Rules
Gameservers will be using the Legacy Cup config. Panzers are not allowed! There are no restrictions on other classes - but it is recomended to run no more than one soldier (no pun intended!) as this will generally go against you. Normal game rules apply in most aspects of the game - absolutely no... docs carrier weapon boosting, doorblocking, passing objective through objects (fences / doors / gates etc). Any issues in games please contact myself - Admin decisions are final.

Map Rules
Maps are decided by elimination. Each teach eliminates 2 maps each from the map list and play the remaining 2 maps. Whoever eliminates first decides which map is played first and they also get to eliminate first if a decider is needed. In case of a decider teams eliminate from the remaining unplayed 4 maps until a single map remains! Teams will need to decide between themselves who eliminates first, which is generally beneficial to whoever does it, so it could be down to whoever acts fastest. If a game is being streamed however then elimination process is decided by a coin toss from Warwitch.

Bracket Rules
The upper bracket for the tournament will remain normal best of 4, 2 rounds per map with a decider if needed. The lower bracket will however be best of 2, 1 round per map - this is to ensure the lower bracket (which has more rounds to play) does not slow down the cup. If you have any questions please pm me on the day on IRC @ #rtcw.wars

I currently have access to 2 servers but have been told there are at least 2 or 3 more available. If you have an NA based server please message me the IP + Password. (Servers details I have: Envious / GFU)

This tournament is aimed mainly at the NA RTCW scene so players and teams from NA will get first priority, you must have at least 3 players on your roster and a maximum of 4.

Some Special Rules
All games will be played on NA servers, so if EU players do get the chance to play, they 100% will not play on EU servers, at all. To sign up reply to this post, message me here on CF or drop us a pm on Facebook

Confirmed Teams
United States of America Team Cross Breed #1 - United States of America Virus047, United States of America CMPunk and United States of America LikeThat
United States of America vfive3 - United States of America ryknow, United States of America smoke, Poland h2o and United Kingdom lasher
United States of America unity - United States of America parcher, Netherlands vis, Netherlands max and Canada crono
United States of America Team Infamous - Canada Tragic, United States of America Reker, United States of America Chopsticks and Canada Murkey
United States of America Best Looking Gamers - United States of America CKY, United States of America Warrior and United States of America Elusive
United States of America Futile - Canada source, United States of America donkey and United States of America boo7y
United States of America Team Cross Breed #2 - United States of America Bassman, United States of America Joker and United States of America TwoKittens
Europe Team walibi - Norway kris, Netherlands voice, Sweden malmen and Sweden askungen

Why logo with US and MEX flag instead of US and CAN ?:D
the "RTC" part of it is the Canadian flag :P
Oh yea haha, didn't actually see that hehe :X
yea as mentioned CA is in there :) I just used the 3 main locs in NA - there are a load I missed out - not enough letters!
Yea I noticed when ohurcool said it :P Dunno somehow the red and white in front of the stars just made me think oh USA :p didnt to the extra effort to check
it actually looks quite nice btw! wish I was able to do shit like that :D
loads of tutorials around if you want to do them :) easy to learn as you get going
hehe ye I guess so :P what program do you use?
Logo looks sexy! :)
I should be able to get 3-4 guys, give me a day or two.
This is gonna be fun weeeeeee
team Extras: Gut, Sonic, +1 ...we'll have 3 at some point. just lock our spot down!
Yes as do will be me and smoke and another maybe fro??? :-X ill let you know
Where are the birdz team? I wanna spawn camp....
gut, sonic, and whoever their 3rd is, spawn rape!
Hey Merlinator our team name will be vfive3
add me on parcher team as backup pls
Team walibi signing up. Lineup: kris,voice,malmen
I'm going to leave this as NA only as it has had quite a good response already.
If however we don't get 8 NA teams then I will open it up to EU ones, just remembering that games will be played on NA servers etc.
Elite not walibi should be euro team if there will not be 8 NA teams.
Team walibi signing up. Lineup: Canada kris,Mexico voice,United States of America malmen
Arriba Arriba Andele Arriba!!
shuld be United States of America Al mac malmen!
Interesting team, can't wait to see!
MsB was going to be our 4th but then she heard there was no panzer allowed
Lol smoke...
Final two maps released yet?
probably have to remove Extras :( stupid work and whatnot, won't be around.
Might be able to get another Team Cross Breed signed up if my guys who said "maybe" all show up tomorrow afternoon. I won't know until tomorrow however.
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