Moving to London - Help

Moving to London at the end of the month. Going there with £2k and no job. I will be there this weekend for a few days. Just have a few questions.

Can I walk into Recruitment agencies and hand out CV's?
Do you think I will get a job?
Looking to live in Clapham or Camden, is accom really pricey? I will be moving in with gf

Any help appreciated.
All agencies seem to work the same way it seems, can hand in CV sure. Sometimes they require you to register with them and give them proof of ID like passport or something. Could be lucky and get a job straight away depending on your skills etc
Don't u need any work visa or something?
He's moving there so I suppose he has a normal UK passport when he gets there, if so he won't need one. Might need one for start untill his passport comes through?
Moving from Ireland, so dont need one.
Ah ur coming from Ireland, thought u were from NL :p
you don't need a visa from nl either do you?
For work u probably would, dunno maybe UK have different, but most of EU nations require it.
what do you know to do
Maybe you can start contacting some recruitment agencies already from home by phone and send them your CV through mail/email? Atleast this will come across as someone who is abit better prepared than just wondering in and handing it out.

Is your GF already living there or are you both moving there together? If so maybe she knows some people who can give you some work in the meanwhile?
emails,calls,face2face nothing else u can do.

"do you think they will hire me" .. its a question that doesnt have a correct or a wrong anwser to it
prostitution is the answer my friend.
What industry are you going into?
If you don't know, don't go.
First things first you need to get yourself an oyster card which can be used on all public transport (buses trains etc...) they're pretty cheap too and can be topped up in most shops.
Sorted already, cheers
2k will get you fuck all in London bro, you should probably think about this more :p
I know. I have an interview Monday. If that fails, fuck it. I will still do it.
Best of luck dude. As you said your GF stays in London so at least you're covered
I think you get more for your money around clapham way in terms of flats, or look somewhere like chiswick. I live near kentish town and is pretty expensive round here.
my gf lives there! Its pretty upmarket though? I thought so anyway. Its really nice
Chiswick isn't cheap :D probably one of the more expensive parts of west London.
What are you going to suggest after Chiswick? Knightsbridge? :p
Gunnersbury and turham green seem quite a bit cheaper than the nice places in North London from what my uni friends pay there.
just spend the money as fast as you can to weed and bitches and then jumpp off bridge
Get an address from friends of tour
Get a job
so jelly :< good luck!
You can walk into any recruitment agency and hand it out, but they also advertise on gumtree all the time and you can just pop down there with your passport and be working by the end of the week. Camden is insanely expensive to live (I used to live just off Camden high street near mornington crescent station), so Clapham should be cheaper, you just have to remember that there are a lot of sub areas in Clapham, some expensive, some not. Clapham high street/Clapham common are expensive, but the rest of it is okay. Wandsworth should be cheaper and it borders with Clapham, but all the affordable housing is in SE London now, Like brockley, Peckham, Nunhead, New cross, Camberwell etc.
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