New LoL team - EUWEST need 2 players

Hi guys!

We're are currently 3 guys who are searching 2 more to join our team. We want to play some premades since we are getting bored of solo q's and normal games. Since we are all old legandary ETPlayers we want to give crossfire a chance.

We are searching for a jungle and a support(mostly, since some of the positions might change). We all speak polish so would be a big + if you can as well. We don't care about divisions/ELO since it's mostly a fun team(which means we will try to do our best but it doesn't need to be that serious). Don't be a kid or a whiner.

Our lineup is:
Denmark RA1DEr - Top
Poland Maksi - Mid
Denmark Steeler - ADC
Top and Mid are pretty much locked but if you REALLY want ADC, I might move to another position. I don't really mind that much.

If you want to join us, feel free to contact me here or add 720 noscope MLG on LoL!
very legandary et players xDDD
omg Maksi from team poland!
omg maksio omg
Go and post it on some LoL site, not crossfire. You guys don't have forums or smth like for this? So nerd poor game :(
Well we also posted this on LoL forums but why not post it here? A lot of ETPlayers are playing it and we might as well get people that we know from the past.
I believe, there is more active players from Crossfire playing LoL, comparing to ET..
add me ingame: fuckingtraitor
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