Statti needs moviemaker ;D

I got around 60 frags vs ec & oc teams. I tried making it myself but seems that I am really shit in moviemaking

4-7kills/ frag
5-15secs + few longer clips
mostly smg frags but got some spam too.

I can try picking out the best ones myself but I can send you all if you want to pick them yourself. Movie should be around 8-13mins. Up to you. Will be happy with a shorter clip too if I can't get anything else..

I dont have any requirements but it would be a bonus if you were able to use hitsounds. You get to pick music and otherwise do anything you please as long as I hear songs before their final use. If you can make quality better than fraps, I will be pleased but some low quality clip is fine too.

it's pretty basic to make your own, it would prolly only take you like 1-2 weeks with effort.

7ele made this with no past experience:
The main problem is that Image doesnt work for some reason. And my pc is really shit.. Cant get any decent quality because if I turn up the graphics then whole computer freezes. Secondly the the audio quality I record is awful :/ Crap computers about to break..
a) what's the problem with image?
b) many moviemakers over the years tried to point out to me that high quality has nothing to do with your computer graphics, if that makes any sense. I never put much thought into it. d:
c) solution to ingame audio recording issue: add hitsounds yourself :)

b.2) what sort of things do you 'turn up' with your gfx?
a) It keeps getting removed by my antivirus and for some reason didnt work even I disabled the av.
b) Could be but my computer freezer when I boost graphics from catalyst control center.
c) Sounds hard :D
Parent this movie took me somewhere like ~4-5 days to finish (not including recording time, I did that long before).

for that I added hitsounds myself + used image :d and I turned up my graphics, but only for ET (it allows you to select a program with the gfx options?)

most PC issues like this are resolvabe one way or another. :3
Well I know something about computers imo and the problem is my graphics card. It wont last very long anymore but I wont buy a new one before I have to.
hey you come irc !
I hope you don't think i made that movie in 1-2 weeks :P Making a fragmovie is a project that is paired with motivational issues. First you have to be happy with your configuration or your recording will be in different colors/vdubquality. You have to wait for 30 minutes to avidemo first person action, let alone scripts/test/record camscripts for right timing. And then you start editing and you find out the cams you recorded don't really fit the music and you have to record new ones. Plus you will always be left with plenty of leftover footage.

That movie took me about 1,5-2 months on and off.
on and off! I guess I meant it in a different way, I usually thought that when someone was making a movie featuring themselves, they pretty much got on with it every moment they could. for example the only reason mine took me a few days is because I just wanted to delete all of my pre-2012 demos. :D plus the fact that nobody was relying on it being finished. makes a big difference imo. d;

one of the biggest setbacks for newcomers to moviemaking is "be happy with your configuration or your recording will be in different colors/vdubquality" - it takes a lot of patience to find the right settings when you don't understand most of the changes you're making :C luckily I ran into these problems around the time ag0n had no university and so that was solved pretty quickly but others probably give up due to the initial hurdles. I know plenty of people who started moviemaking in the last year but just gave up after only a few obstructions, issues with quality after rendering usually seemed to be the killer. :d
swani should do this, for the sake of you carrying him all season
:DDD haha watching u two becoming like Robert and Williams ;D u guys are funny :P
i'd have a look at the frags and see if they inspire me (if you want) - msg fredd on qnet

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