Last Try

to make it short if we can set up a lu for the next season till sunday then we will play if not then not, simple as that.
so hurry up lads and /q speculaaa #bsturz if u r interested!
ps: dont listen to milhaus he was drunk yesterday :)

Still need 1-2 skilled players
-be a teamplayer
-give comms
-listen to comms
-be skilled
-know how2revive

lu so far:
-Czech Republicmilhaus
-Polandmag? (fucking pm me when u see this ty kurwo)
-Europesecret player

fuck it, focus on LoL
we are still divorced :/
U gotta work on it man. Marriage is Not easY
Quote-know how2revive

Is that why Testi isnt on the lineup anymore?:X

No hate though, GL guys :)
haha im still sry that u had to witness it last time :D
hahaha, I think that happens everywhere every now and then :D No harm done :P GL with team :D Let me know if you need prac oppo :D
rapz avi as medic reviver!
no hate though
actually i left because of fuchs, he and me in a team just doesnt work out.
if you specced you in the games you wouldve seen i was a reviving medic but w/e.

This is still hating from your side though.
gl guys ;)
2nd best reviving medic '12 in Wolfenstein:ET avi to show you how it's done.
ok avi brokola
I thought some awesome top team would ask fuchs to paly... Disappointed!! No harm done
I did so fu...
im still avi and id like to try out for the team!
i still dont know u and we got no time to test everyone out...
can you test me now in like 3v3 or sumtin? you'll see im good. im on irc with name nmxz on bsturz chan, i cant see you tho.. my latest war on gamestv ;
1st playing with crod brings u definitely in the right light (for the dummies like sheldon: sarcasm)
2nd playing good in 3o3 doesnt mean u r also good in 6o6
3rd playing decent when ET got no AC let me rings my alarm bells
1st i dont know crod that well, but ive been playing with leku sometimes and he seems like a good person
2nd im good in 3v3 but im decend in 6v6
3rd i can play with uac its not a problem. if there is some lan coming in october in NL ill try to attend. not hacking =)

it seems as if you had some personal grudge against me or something like this.. you try to avoid me getting a try-out so badly. if you dont want me just say it, but dont judge me before getting to know who i am.
nmxz will rock your world!
who is mag
who da fuq is mag
I always played with him on cybergames like 4 years ago he is a rly good mate and 2 EC seasons ago he played for Polanddelivry and placed 2nd
Legend polish player.. Key player
mag, lol.
If u guys play at sundays im avi
u look so despert
desperate u mean
if anim wouldnt convince me to give it a last chance and we had only time till today cuz i didnt want to make ohurcool again mad, so ye :P but I see that we got time till 22th so its far better now
I was only upset because signups were already closed and invites/qualifiers were about to be announced when you told me you didn't actually have 6 players. :) No worries though, good luck finding players!
but it wasnt my fault that the players left :( i was just the guy who said this bad news to u and i received the whole madness afterwards

but who cares past is past, present is present
His death will be as message
now ur too late to get the best teamplayer in ET (me) :p
Sounds good
never gay enough....
I completely agree!
Quotefucking pm me when u see this ty kurwo
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