Which TV to chose!

Hello guys,

Im usually not logged in and just watch around the website.
This time however i need a bit of help. I'm trying to chose a TV but there are so many options and all revieuws say different things about them , so i thought maybe u guys can help me out.

Im looking for a LED Smart TV around €500- €700 ranging from 39 inch to the maximum being 42 inch.
I have no use for 3D. In the future either a ps4 or Xbox One will be connected to the TV. I want the best picture quality in both HD and standart Defination and gaming. Smart options are secondary but i would like a decent working smart system.

I got several options:

Samsung UE40F6200 - €579,-
Philips 42PFL6008 - € 719,00 ( more expansive but if its an option)
LG 42LA6608 - €649,-
Samsung UE40F6400 - €699,-
Sony KDL-42W656A - €579,-

I really cannot figure out what to go for. My dad owns a phillips which has stunning picture quality but the samsung and LG SMART hub looks so slick! also is the price difference worth it being €579 or €719 is a big difference! help guys:D
definitly SAMSUNG, its the best u can get imo ( even if its a bit more expensive )
In what way is it better then its rivals?
I have a 42" Phillips and its got great image quality and colors are nice and vibrant. 200hz, so never have problems with things being jittery. Only downside I have is the the SMART TV system from Phillips is not so great.

Usually was 700e, I bought it for 420e at Saturn :D
Thats exactly my experience with the phillips my dad has! great picture quality but horrible smart system. Now my question is, is it worth the 200 euro difference with the samsung one ? or is the picture quality difference to small?
Depends on how often you want to use the smart system, if you plan on using it alot for youtubing and such you might be better of with a Samsung. But I have all my media stuff connected so I use my laptop or my phone to watch things like youtube on my TV so it doesn't matter.

Basicly, if you plan to use SMART alot, get a samsung. If not I would say get a Phillips or LG
probally ill use it not THAT much , i got a decent pc which will be connected to the TV so i can stream my movies etc. Might aswell use it for youtube and stuff then since thats faster anyway
If you have proper quality router you can just do it wireless(or cabled), get media streaming software and use your pc with wireless keyboard and mouse. Higher quality and much much easier to use than even the best SMART TV systems :P
Can i do a wireless keyboard + mouse at my livingroom tabel while i have my pc still with my wired mouse +keyboard at the same time? so i can use my gaming stuff when gaming online and use mouse + kb for when browsing / streaming from pc > tv?
If you have the USB ports for it :p (usb hub can help there)
Just make sure noone touches your wireless stuff when gaming so they fuck it up for you :D
2013 and someone still got TV?
Fuck me right?
I hook it up to my PC for my own personal home cinema! (yes a 40" is literally large in my 13 sq meters apartment)

Think I've watched actual television on it like two times though.
you cant do something wrong if you get a Samsung. Was thinking about a philips aswell cause they look well and have nice picture quality. but internet is full of complaints about the software on those tvs... I then decided to get the samsung f6500, 46". you get that one for about 700 € now. but lets face it: the smart stuff is nice, but you cant really use it like a pc. its ok if you want to watch a youtube video every now and then, everything else is useless and slow.
i have a sony bravia, pictures perfect and i find the tools on it are quite simple to use like internet browsing etc, mine is 3D and 55" but doubt it will differ in quality for different sizes, and in my other room i have a toshiba 42" which has nothing on the sony!
LG 47LM640S
greate Led tv
TF1 is shit its a french tv...
one of the most important question is about the HZ of a TV !
especially if u play on the tv !
Samsung UE40F6400, i'm going to buy this in a few weeks
samsung cause of the hub
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