one.more Cup #8

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14/11/2013 - Announcement Post
Date: 24th November 2013
Start Time: First games start 19:00 CET (Games Streamed from 21:00 CET)
Minimum Teams: 4 (probably a maximum of 8, first come first serve.)
Tournament Structure: Playoff (Single Elim first round, Double Elim afterwards)
Maplist: Base, Beach, Escape2, Frost, Keep and Sub.
Servers: EU

Tournament is free for all to signup, you must have at least 3 players on your roster and a maximum of 4.

Map and round rules
Maps are decided by elimination in games that are now on the stream, whoever eliminates first in the first set of maps selection elims first if a decider is needed. Every round will be normal ABBA style with a decider played if needed. However, games on the stream will have a different way of map selection where the viewers get to pick the maps, including any deciding maps. Warwitch will shoutcast the UB Final, LB Final and Grand Final and will use a coin toss to decide who elims first on these games.

Round Rules: First round, if 8 teams sign up, will be single elimination. After that the semi finals onwards will be double elimination. We are trying to find the best mix of competition, fun, and casting enjoyment and I think in our last cup it worked out perfectly in terms of casting time, viewer experience and how long the cup takes overall. The last casts have lasted 6-8 hours and we managed to bring it down to around 4 which is great.

Confirmed Teams:
Europe xeimos - United Kingdom jam, Netherlands mirage and United Kingdom razz
Estonia eesti - Estonia pudi, Estonia mata, Estonia Nait and Norway kris
Jamaica Flowerpower - Finland sirkka, Belgium fstr, Netherlands bully and Netherlands karma
Europe paui - Sweden Askungen, Latvia Clown and United Kingdom Crumbs
Europe Pink Fluffy Warriors - United Kingdom sqzz, Belgium dooppi, Netherlands playa and Belgium puma
Europe Mr.noujz - Sweden Malmen, Belgium syL, Sweden FeTTe and Sweden ozzmosis
Europe Elite - Poland h2o, United Kingdom mini, Finland raw and Poland babcia
Europe BADAZZ - Netherlands crabje and Portugal osiris and Germany stownage
Europe IDGAF - Estonia ZeD, Norway riven, Finland lettu and Italy art

United States of America unity - United States of America parcher, Belgium max, Netherlands vis and United Kingdom lasher
xeimos : jam, mirage, razz
hoping somehow we get 16 signups :D
unity: parcher, max, vis, lasher
paui: Askungen, Clown, Crumbs
Mr.noujz : Malmen, syl , fette
Pink Fluffy Warriors: sqzz olbaa playa phyzic
Im working this sunday
avi for Pink Fluffy Warriors
gl HighBot. :***((( huMm3L pls
CKY ! j4ck#ss, dutch, frullek, reflex, warrior
never mind , none of them answers any kind of communication, im looking for a team though ^^
1.0 naabs xd
Lol not really, we started on demo in 2003 and then went to 1.4 , then back demo and then osp 1.4 and when osp died some of us started 1.0 but we don't like it :)
o: i thought you only play in AODdm sv with those..
jackass is oldskool mate ;) believe me!
flowerpower update: homie can't play, sirkka will take his place
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