UPDATE Sign-Ups ASUS Alliance 6vs6 RtCW-Cup

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Dear Crossfire Community.

I am here to announce the new Alliance ASUS 6vs6 RtCW-Cup. Created by a group of RtCW fans who came together to organize this new cup. There is a tight schedule in this cup that everybody has to be aware of. Also a group of 5 admins will help guide teams on their way into the games in order to keep up to speed with the schedule and thus making things go as smooth as possible. Below this text you can find more info about the cup and its time schedule.

More info about the Alliance Cup:

Format: 6vs6 ABBA Stopwatch
Team amount: 16
Cup format: Group stage to double elimination play-offs
Mappool: Base Beach Frostbite Ice Assault Village

Time Schedule:

Tournament signups are open from now until Saturday 30 November
Groups will be announced at the end of Saturday the 30th
1st game can be played between the 1st of December until the 8th of December
2nd game needs to be played by 15 December
3rd game needs to be played by 22 December
Around x-mas and new year's day we'll have a 2 weeks break
Play-offs start the first week of January
Grand final deadline will be February 2nd

Website: http://www.rtcwcup.com/index.htm

Rules: http://www.rtcwcup.com/rules.htm

UPDATE Prizes: 1x ASUS GeForce GTX TITAN 6GD5 Graphics Card + Prizepurse between € 1600,- and € 2500,-. Depending on amount of signups. 25 teams being maximum.

Also we want to give you more information on how to win this amazing ASUS GeForce GTX TITAN Graphics card. We will create a system where people can predict games. Who ever gets the most correct predictions will be rewarded with this huge prize. So stay tuned and keep following the ASUS Alliance RtCW-Cup so you can be the Winner of this awesome prize!!!

If people have any questions or suggestions you can contact any of the following admins:

Playa Netherlands
Bully Netherlands
Faster Belgium
Malmen Sweden
Homie Belgium
Parcher United States of America

To sign up you can either post your team here or pm any of the admins above. What we need from you is the following:

Team Name:
Team Captain:
Player names: (with nationality if possible)

image: warwitch-pic
Shoutcast will be provided by WarWitch and his companions Sabo and Nail on http://www.twitch.tv/warwitchtv/. So please sign up now so you can be part of this amazing event.

Frag On!!!

Teams signed up so far:
Sweden SwedenFeTTe BelgiumsyL SwedenAskungen SwedenMalmen SwedenSmutzig zerom Swedenozzmozis Swedenwuff
EuropeBelgiumHomie Hungaryisl4m Hungaryc[s Germanytwister FinlandSanctity NetherlandsKylie HungaryOcelot PortugalOsiris
United States of AmericaUnited States of Americaparcher Netherlandsvis Netherlandsmax Canadacrono United States of Americasupreme TurkeyFireBall Canadabrandon United Kingdomlasher Austriaraul
United States of AmericaUnited States of AmericaCKY United States of AmericaElusive United States of AmericaWarrior United States of AmericaDonkey United States of AmericaSource United States of AmericaBooty United States of AmericaVid United States of AmericaSage United States of AmericaAlpha United KingdomMerlinator
United States of AmericaUnited States of AmericaVirus047 United States of AmericaSt0rm United States of AmericaDeadEye United States of AmericaLikeThat United States of AmericaGrom United States of AmericaBassman United States of AmericaScrilla United States of AmericaTwoKittens United States of AmericaJoker CanadaCheech United States of AmericaKn1f3y United States of AmericaJuwanna
United States of AmericaUnited States of AmericaEights United States of AmericaMesh United States of AmericaTroll United States of AmericaGut United States of AmericaCaffeine United States of AmericaSpuddy United States of AmericaSonic United States of AmericaBobSaget United States of AmericaLt.Goose
EuropeNetherlandsmirage United Kingdomjam Germanyfro United Kingdomsqzz Netherlandsbully Finlandsirkka Icelandphyzic Netherlandsplaya FinlandolBaa
EuropeUnited KingdomScarzy NetherlandsCrabje BelgiumFable United KingdomDtS EuropeTBA EuropeTBA
EuropeNorwayriven Italyart Germanyidlaw Swedenlelle Estoniazed Germanystownage Germanyshowtime
United States of AmericaCanadaTragic CanadaFestus CanadaFlawless United States of AmericaChopsticks United States of AmericaAristotle United States of AmericaRyknow AustraliaDashUnited States of America Corpse AustraliaNosy United States of AmericaStr8Sick United States of AmericaWolve United States of AmericaRaiz
FranceLatviaClown EstoniaNait United Kingdomcrumbs Estoniamata United Kingdomrazz NorwayKris United Kingdomdusty
EuropeNetherlandskARMA BelgiumdooPPi Belgiumfstr GermanyCliffdark BelgiumPum4 United Kingdomsharky United Kingdommexx Netherlandsfatty
FinlandFinlandSR FinlandSwanidius FinlandVokki FinlandOldensan FinlandNizou FinlandSipperi
EuropeBelgiumstrango Netherlandsvoice United Kingdommeeky Belgiumxai Germanyxeio United Kingdomneo Sloveniainert United KingdomDtS
EuropeTurkeyAtarax BelgiumKevin GermanywEAK FranceKaz SwedenBlaze GermanyOxy Italymama Estoniapudi
EuropeBrusselswlf Polandh2o Belgiummauser United KingdomMini FinlandRaw Hungarynero Polandan1x Polandbabcia Polandhero PolandHomez Polandreaper
Netherlands NetherlandsThug NetherlandsLefty NetherlandsFoFo Netherlandsd0nnie NetherlandsAnimal NetherlandsDopeNetherlands

crazy prices incoming
They had a meeting in ASUSTeK Computer Inc. office. Its about to go down.
Looks great hopefully all the teams will sign up! as long as you keep the rules to what they are supposed to be then the cup will run smooth good job guys! try not to run it like zed ;)
Team Name: Blatant Disrespect
Team Captain: CKY
Player names:
nice 1 good to have you on here ;)
nice, good luck to all!
Team Name: Team Deathtouch v2.0
Player names:
dT Bench:
Nard (will get the video card)
Pimp (sorry not good enuff for you Chad. I will attach a pic later of me smoking a doobie)
Awesome! I didn't expect to see a team like dT sign up for this. Welcome aboard! :D
damm slaya remedy warmachine and rambo old FX team fx clan they gonna rock it
db hollywood?
pls don't make this a good troll...
Can one cut a gfx into 6 parts for every member of a team?
Sell it for 800eur on ebay, split the moniez.
:D I'd feel bad for the guy who has to sell it though
Why? Takes 10minutes to throw up an auction, paypal makes things easy as fuck and spending 5minutes out of your way, to work or grocery shopping or whatever other adventure you're going on whilst out and about in the city to drop a package off at the local post office isn't much of an issue either.
Nah, not because of the effort, but because of the fact that it's a fucking sick gpu
Ziek hoor Emiel! Looking forward to it! If anyone needs someone let me know!

One thing though, I'd love to have seen start at like the Groups announced 1st of January or something. Loads of interested people are currently still doing that WinterCup thing or EuroCup. Would be nice if we could spread the events more instead of having 3 at once and then none at all, plus this would make a great start for the new year!:D
Thx man, we will let you know if we need anything.

About the delay thing we will take everything in consideration. if it turns out we dont get enough signups we can still push the schedule back so people have more time to create teams or whatever. But if this thing goes massive now i see no reason in delaying it until after new years day. So time will tell :)
Im AVI with this dude for a team.
I'd love to see as many teams sign up as possible. The focus here is going to be a fast moving cup with no delays. I think we can pull this off!
gl with it
n1 gl :)
I will speak with the other Gstars members.....

Avi if they don't show up :o

Faster admin.... what a troll!
he just designed a website, thats about it ;) also i'm not a "real" admin aswell
Credits for the new website have to go to Malmen, who's doing a great job !

Furthermore the other admins, as myself, will just help and advice Playa, who keeps his position as head admin. Matches can be played everyday of the week, multiple admins come in handy to monitor these.
first time i see you posting a serious comment. So strange :s.. can't believe this is you
avi as well
Next time be so kind and don't rip off the ruleset from my cup.

stop being such a butthurt. Can't stand it your RTCW cup monopoly is coming to an end? Oh mighty ZeD, the one who brought the RTCW activity back up! No srsly, I'm grateful that you were the one who put effort in getting some life back to RTCW, but give the community credit aswell. Such as merl, bully, playa, warwitch, sabo, nail, dts, voice etc...
Oh don't you be that guy, I've used your rules as a foundation for simple convenience so they might look similar but besides the general rtcw cup rules most rules are fundamentally different.
I invite anyone to take a look at our rules and then compare them to yours: http://binarybeast.com/xRtCW1303300#info
That said if you want to go butthurt over this I'll have you know I've already been punished enough by using your rules as a basis since I had to clean up a gazillion spelling errors.
Indeed, these are general rules and are applied and used by everyone. It's very unlikely that we would have to create new rules. In each and every other way they would be similar to yours.
image: grammar-police

It just shows how much effort you can put in to this cup. Try harder and make the from scratch, like I did.
Yes Zed, next time I will start from scratch with general RtCW rules. For example, no longer will games be played ABBA but BBBB. Thank you Zed for showing me the light.
Well your so dumb not even read and think what I just said. Let me explain it to you...try writing them by ur self , stop being such a lazy ass.
Talking to you is the equivalent of talking to a brick wall, it's pointless and nothing productive will come out of it.
I've really said all I had to, you're free to continue but I'm not wasting my time anymore.
Next time come up with something better than brick wall, getting old by now...
Can I offer some slight changes, just to improve the syntax and grammar?

There are a few changes that could be made here and there to make it read better. Not criticising, just a bit of a weirdo when it comes to this kind of thing haha.
sure, just contact me on irc mate
I'm waiting for them to send me my new superhub thing to get internet at home, as I moved house on Monday.

It was only a few little things, I'll pm you them here later today bro.
Time to get serious with that new connection!
PMing me here is fine too, thanks for your efforts.
It'll be nice to actually hit the things I'm aiming at, felt like I was playing on 56k at times!

Real annoying having to wait 6 days to be connected though, should have saved a bit of porn before I moved haha.
Btw why is fstr aka noknockback user an admin?
scroll up

Mad cuz this cup will better.
Well the real story here is that when everybody were lazy and didnt pretty much do nothing..I was the one who actually did something, i brought life back into rtcw in some ways. Now people are mad because of the raw/phase case etc. Its so easy to flame when you not doing shit. Before I hosted cup, EVERYBODY were doing nada. Now that i started moving things around here, getting shoutcasters back, giving people cups to play in and organizing alot more shit. Players like you can only type "madcuzbad" etc etc etc...Whats your point? Your the one whining like the other 100 players, yet you do nothing to make it better.. So my advice is you shut up and enjoy what I have given you and some other people. This cup is AKA butthurt people "we come in peace, we have 100 admins and we make it fair"... None of those admins know what really happend. Raw even doesnt know what happend because their stupid and stupid people tend not to understand things.


People are also mad because I took the driverseat and started moving things.. Dunno why, maybe because their jealous.. Maybe...
I "like" people who start sliding on others people success.
I know I shouldn't comment on you anymore, but did you not say if we're not happy with the way you ran the cup then we should just organize our own cup? Well here it is, we followed your advice and yet you're still not a happy camper, there's simply no pleasing you.
your already making mistakes
I would like to mention that none of the admins made this cup with the thought of taking repercussions on you, ZeD. But if you keep in fact replying with your own unfounded opinion, you leave us no option but to retaliate. The sole purpose of this cup is to give back to the community.
he's the guy who lifts water brah
I understand that your decisions towards raw and some other little things were fucking diabolical now stop trying to be a bighead, you done a lot for rtcw yes and im sure everyone is appreciated for what you have done but doesnt change the fact that your a complete tool, jelous little prick getting upset because someone else is going to try and do a successful cup without sticking there tongues up other teams fury arseholes. maybe you should grow a pair and stop crying over something so dumb.
Nice, finally some more RTCW!
The community is too small to bicker like this. Relax everyone and let's have some fun! Take out your aggression in the game :)
It seems wisdom comes with age. Kids whining on which cup is better.
kindergarten :D
1o1 basement to settle the score and afterwards kiss and makeup.
Team Name: Team Cross Breed (USA)
Team Captain: Virus047
Player names: Virus047 (USA), St0rm (USA), DeadEye (USA), LikeThat (USA), Grom (USA), Bassman (USA), Scrilla (USA), Two Kittens (USA), Joker (USA), Cheech (CAN)
gl virus bro :)
hf mate! not sure if we will enter a team, christmas/new year period is hell busy for aussies (and kiwis I guess) :<
I got a minor heart attack when i scanned this topic. i saw all these teams signing up for the AUS 6on6 rtcw cup, i thought holly fuk these prizes must be good!! we will actually have a chance too haha!!
haha! well they might put us an a predominately american team group again if we apply but yeah will need more players to cover the crazy match times.
Im available
cool, thanks bully, etc.
Homie still going strong! Nice one man :)
hey man! long time no see
good job guys, gl with all ;)
and what Warwitch said..."Take out, your aggression in the game"
Teh Birdz

Team Captain: Sabo (Honorary Captain/biggest fan reward)

Eights (USA)
Mesh (USA)
Troll (The Gym)
Gut (Ping Hell)
Caffeine (Nail's Basement)
Spuddy (Bottom Lane)
Sonic (Pai gow table in Macao)
Bob Saget (Hollywood)
Lt. Goose (AFKanistan)
LOL. Sabo Honorary Captain. :D
Sabo must participate in one of the said knife-fights (according to the rule-set) to determine map elimination order.
any tl;dr version? :D
seriously? you can't handle reading that much text on your own? :P

it's a thread about a cup which contains (stay with me here, try not to get lost) information about that cup
i just read some comments about that raw/phase case :D

i want some infos :P
WP Guys...

avi as backup - can play any class
Old Skool Gamers



Captains: Anyone Above
Seriously? OSG! :D You guys rock. Hopefully thats no joke! <3
I feel like ZeD should have at least had a place on the admin team. As he said, it was him that did all the hard work encouraging people to play again.

No matter what you feel about his decisions (I know I've not been happy about one or two in the past), he has put in lot more work than anyone else to get the scene where it is today. Even things such as helping Warwitch with his setup and making sure the shoutcasts run to schedule takes a surprising amount of effort.

This is no slight against the new admin team at all, as every single one of them are great guys that I speak to on a regular basis, but this cup would have been no way near as easy to set up as it has been without ZeD's past efforts. To shun him completely and just take over seems a little bit harsh.

Anyways enough of all the serious bizzle, I'm available for this cup with a shiny new internet connection (when they bother to send us the kit). If anyone wants a decent smg with lots of experience, just let me know. Or if you are looking for a team, pm crabje so that we can just start liquids again.
DtS, no one had initially presented this cup as a response to the way zed had run his cup. If you read the comments he's the one instigating arguments.
I have all the respect for the efforts he has made to keep rtcw in the spotlight but this doesn't mean he holds a monopoly position over hosting cups.
There is absolutely no chance for him getting to be admin in this cup, besides the comments he left here he's actively contacting us to insult us, despite everyone having helped him in one way or another in the past.
Even besides that I don't find him suitable as an admin at all, he's arrogant, condescending and frankly not that smart.
I know you mean well DtS mate, but you don't really know the full story.
I'm sure I don't and fstr has already chewed me out on Facebook haha.

Just seen a lot of hate towards ZeD recently and although some of it may be jusitifed, it's not nice to see such overwhelming negativity towards someone. Like him or not, he did reinvigorate the scene to an extent no one had managed for a while before.

I just think it's important that people remember his hard work. He may be insulting people at the moment, which is in a way understandable, but he has also had to take a lot of shit from people, myself included, over the past 12 months.

It was in no way my intention to try and stir anything up. As I said to fstr on Facebook, each and every admin in the new cup is a friend and I know the competition will be a big success.
I understand where you're coming from.
It's true that hosting a cup and being the only admin at the same time is definitely a lot of work and you're bound to have people who'll disagree with the decisions you make.
All the respect in place for carrying such a burden.

But. the hate/shit he's receiving at the moment is caused by none other than himself by constantly picking fights.
Him having done a lot of work on the previous cups does not excuse him from receiving aforementioned shit, it's up to him to make it stop.

And thanks for your faith in the cup, we'll definitely try our best!

Before you judge me... I was the one who was put under shitstorm. Now reason why? I dont know, maybe people are stupid and jealous because I started to run the show in RtCW community and meanwhile people like you and many others didnt accept the fact that out of nowhere I start to run the community in a GOOD direction. You and your buddies had those funny clips, hate etc.... NOW BULLY if you would be smart person you would understand that I wont accept the shit. Who wants to have a shitstorm over them? Maybe you do... Theres always consquenses, you perhaps thought its funny to hate towards the guy who brought you activity while you lazyass were playing small mixes night after night. I have my bragging rights...Heres the thing, your cup wont be near as successful if i would have not made an effort, accept it and you know it so does the rest of the community. But karma is a bitch.

You try to be a smart person and have all the answers as you think.. but guess what...

Keep on sliding on other people success.

Over and out.
Gstars will play:


Edit: First wanna see who shows up from our old roster.... There will be a crossfire recruitment post if we are in need of players :-)
check edit. Will pm you later
and don't forget me, if you are not enaugh :P
i won't :-))
Zed stop being such a god.
strong medic avi for the cup lookin for a harc0re team
cave benched you? :-))
avi, not the best but well, avi ;p
Gonna have to play in this one.
!!! meloncholy is here wb
I would rather see that card given away to MVP of the tournament, being voted by viewers overall thro matches, more deserved imo.
We considerd that but the problem is that most people just vote on a player's general skill/reputation and not how he performed during the cup. Also said player could be buddies with people and get votes that way.
The advantage of this system is that everyone gets an equal shot at winning the prize, not just the players but also the viewers which are equally important to make this cup and exposure for rtcw a success.
You also mentioned deserved, I think trying to get the most predictions right will be a very tough job. You can vote randomly yes, but you could also increase your chances at a correct prediction by studying the teams so you get an idea on how they perform.
Then make a group of ppl, or simply from all the admins, which i see there are some, and let admins pick a winner upon it, it just that i feel that prize should be given away to someone who actually earned it, rather than some random guy.
What you're suggesting is not a bad way of how an mvp could be selected, I do not however agree with that someone who manages to get the most predictions right has not earned it.
I've already explained my view on this.
We already have quite a substantial prize pool for the teams, the theoretical mvp has a good chance of being rewarded already since he'll most likely be in one of the top 3 teams.
All in all this prediction system is an attempt to get the community more involved.
That said, we're attempting to contact a potential sponsor who could possibly offer some smaller prizes for awards like the mvp. Emphasis on attempting as we have not heard anything yet.
Good luck with it then, hopefully it will work out good.
thank you sir :)
Gstars will prolly not play. ='(
meet me at IRC. Gonna play!
Awesome, good to see you guys are still going strong! A bit busy atm, but else I would have joined in :)
Gstars will play afterall.. Don't delete us!
the funny thing is that one.soldier is not competing :S
searching team!! h2o
If its not too late already:

Team Name: Rapid
Team Captain: Wlf
Player names:
Wlf (Bulgaria)
Raw (Finland)
Mauser (Belgium)
Mini (UK)
Nero (Hungary)
h2o (Poland)
Hero (Poland)
Homez (Poland)
Reaper (Holland)

you have till 19.00, so just in time! :-)
Could you add BelgiumPraelatus gstars lineup? :o
Englanddts aswell!

Thx :-)
you can add me (Netherlands latiN) to nationalowners lu :).
plz add Darkie to cave

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