rtcw cup --> need players

Need players for RTCW cup

Be nice, have a decent aim, be dependable and enjoy the game.
Either pm me here, or at #rtcw.wars on irc.

Lineup so far

United Kingdomskarzy
United Kingdomdtsje

wish I could play the game :(
Hello, did u ask Goyle yet? Bye.
FML I lost my RTCW copy, zou fijn zijn met wat Belgen/Nederlanders... :(
could play this, depends on pracdays (Extraction team and ET team aswell so :D)
let me find my rtcw cdkej
maybe avi depends on how often u wanna play
lass zockn D:
jo bin dabei, sollte zeitlich klappen
twice a week max I think, sundays offi, 1 day funmatch/practice
sunday is perfect, once a week is fine too. u can tryout me on sunday if u want :)
avi also :)
you are still gaming?
me im still gaming
nee hihi maar ik wil best wel ns meedoen met jou hoor xo
me and tom letsgo :d'
good luck :-)!
should merge with Gstars and have a guaranteed lineup :)
avi ;)
Not a bad idea sharky! gl anyway guys:)
nackskotta ready to rumble
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