shootmania f2p !

shootmania Elite is now free to play!!

elite is the competitive mod.

this game is pretty fun and skilled.

i hope you will try it for more than 30 games to be in love with it.

we need to bring more ppl to the community to make LANs and online cups happen.

there is still 2/3 online cups with prize.
Nice! Gonna give it Another try
this game is pretty fun and skilled


dead game already , even ET has more viewers
shit game is shit :3
Expected since it cames out
game isnt shit, it was stopmed by target audience, because it wasnt based on idtech3

you don't know wat you are talking about
a very convincing post
It's f2p since 2 months, it's pretty dead right now again.
Maybe if I get paid to play this piece of shit i'd play again.
y'a un jeu auquel tu joues pas?
coucou tu veux voir ma bite?
Hello Mr Swagg LeFracis le omelette du fromage !
uècheuh silune on vient apporter un peu de suague sur ce putain d'internet
wé fo + 2 swag issi !
f2p and yet it asks me to enter a key
wants 20e from me
Y a quelqu'un d'ici qu'était à la PGW et qu'à joué à l'ESWC? nico, simoon???
Kallenge et p-e simoon et evl mais pas sure
Meeeh ils n'étaient même pas en finale!
Bah en même temps quand tu joues à un jeu de merde t'as tendance à pas quand tu pracc pas bah tu perds :D
ehehhehehe l'excuse bidoooon :s
bon j'avoue c'est mon cheat qui marchait plus
!!!! busted!!
non je n'y étais pas, j'avais pas de team pour les qualif, je me vois mal débourser plus d'une centaine d'euro pour venir spec...
I can't find any Free2Play info. Would cost me 20€ via Steam.
The Elite whatever is available in the free demo which apparently is all you need for competitive. Just watched the video and don't really know.
Cool, thanks for clarifying that.
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