RTCW Public OSP Server

I think its a good time to announce my OSP Public Server for the start of the RtCW Alliance Cup.

Location: Germany

18 Players
Maprotation: ice, village, beach, base, frostbite, escape
Votes allowed: gametype, playerkick, mutespecs, nextmap and shuffleteams

It will autostart in 1min after a crash.

Lets fill the server and make it usefull for any new faces around.
nice :-)

Cu on the server!
you'll need to crowd the server every evening for an entire week to get people come automatically. gl, it's possible. Did 2 years ago the same with fietser :) even tosspot came around to play!
nice, i will be there from time to time
If not already please add a map cycle and autoshuffle in between rounds (AB shuffle)
I dont like the idea of autoshuffle, dont even know if there is a command for that in osp, if teams are not fair you can vote for shuffle.

What you mean with map cycle ? There is aleady maprotation.
;shuffle_teams; but server is already going nicely :)
Good idea, good luck.
Location: Germany -_-
Nice one idlaw! gj, bibuy ECG
Any other servers actually active at any times? US ones included. I'd like to try out my lacking skillz once again :]
onesoldier -;password einsoldat
rtcwlegacy -;password private
ice server -;password ice
frostbite server -;password frostbite

yeah, this server should be never empty!
After two days monitoring i can say its full at 18 - 21.
The first players are coming at 15.

Lets see if it will stay so good or better :)

I hope you like the maprotation.
i dont like the maprotation but im sure other ppl do.
I prefer the voting.

But the server is very good and im happy to play more osp now. Can't play shrub anymore. Don't like it!
Without maprotation just ice would be played.
might be funny coming out of my mouth but get rid of panzer imo
Anything coming out of your mouth is rather funny, especially after having seen what some of these eestis put into it.
Punkbuster messed up for me, but this made it work:

very laggy tbh
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