WET installation offline for LAN

I am going to organize a little et/rtcw lan with 10-15 people.
So the most of them will have to install et because the haven´t played it for years.
The Problem:
i made a DVD with all files needes:
-WolfET 2.60 setup
- 2.60B patch
- etpro
- some configs

so i tested it on my old pc without internet:
- installed et and etpro and everything
- host dedicated etpro server

but i cant connect even to my own host, its not shown in server list.. and yes i selected Local.

anyone knows something?
maybee etkey is the prob? dident shows my any effect
did u host it as local server?

why not usb stick?! u dont need to even install game just move the files and play (If im wrong here someone can correct me here pls)

I think u only need etkey for pb servers

so i tested it on my old pc without internet:

I think you still need internet to connect ur own host. its not like u create a magic connection between the server and ur non inet pc
ah you are right. if i connect to the net et shows the host...
thanks for your help, i was already depressed i cant get it to run even with 10 years experiance in et installing :D
You still need to be connected on the same network whether that is connected to the internet or not.
With lan things your firewall can give some problems too.
if u installed ET and 2.60b separately it might cause some problems too. try downloading everything in one file from here: http://etui.kashu.fr/
Did you actually host a server?
google is ur friend

but i recommend u get an old machine/pc with linux on it and run ur lan server there problem solved :3
Your internet router is blocking the forward port and ip from going out, so yes it is connected to your router, but connecting you to your game through your router takes some editing.
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normaly its no problem so install it separately, i did this very often the last years and never got problems.
i dont like this ultimate installer because you can install et only once, but i preffer to install a clean et without mods for lan and one for internet games. you can only change the dictionary path where to install but not the startmenu path. But i tried the ultimate installer either - it didnt work.

yes i hosted a dedicated lan server
ET.exe +set fs_game etpro +set dedicated 1 +set exec server.cfg

save as .txt file, edit the. txt to .bat then run the bat and your server is up!
dedicated 1 = LAN
dedicated 2 = Internet
nice idea! i will give it a try
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