Hello All, and today is a good day for everyone who are wanting the game server industry to change. Today we have opened up the opportunity for everyone to get a server for free for one day, very simple and straight forward with no catch at all. No other major game server provider are offering anything remotely similar to this but it isnt profitable for the companies to be doing this, which is why we like to give back to the communities. There is only 1 game server per user, also that you have to wait till the server is terminated before you can get a new game server. For anyone who want to order multiple game servers free for a few days, we can do this for knock out cups and leagues or for special events, simply send a request into support@gameplayservers{dot}com .

''No other major game server provider are offering anything remotely similar to this''
Now that's Marketing.

Was waiting for a new post of u guys so I finally had something funny to read on this forum again.
to be honest mate... Nothing is wrong with free servers. Especially since GamePlayServers is offering good quality servers.

Just try it :) You aint got nothing to loose as its a free servers to pay back all the gamers :)
I assuming you try to reply to me, although you fail since the only reason you ever post here is on behalf of them?
Anyway, thanks for your input, I will simply ignore it with, thank you.
He appears to be one of those guys anyway
hoi, ik geloof dat je het fijn vind om replies te krijgen dus hier nog eentje :)
Gaat er meer om wie em stuurt
wooo jij stoere jongen ;)
Zoals jij bijvoorbeeld inderdaad ;)
Wel beetje late reactie :(
crossfire is niet zo boeiend meer
Wanneer was het boeiend? Ik dacht dat dit alleen was voor als je ff snel aan t browsen was en ff retards wilde zien om af te zeiken..
oke mooi verhaal
They are like a few years late but ok.
No no, noone else does this.
I'm glad that in this hard times you are offering free servers, cant wait to see them for a week and not only for a day...
hi, my name is Richard "Anderson" Dean and im from dignitas gaming, we are currently looking for new servers. contact me back if you still have any or want to talk. enjoy the holidays everyone, gonna be super sereal
hello my friend , enjoy the holydays
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