one.more Cup #9

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27/12/2013 - Announcement Post
Date: 5th January 2014
Start Time: Earliest will be 18:00 CET, depends on sign ups (Games Streamed from 21:00 CET)
Minimum Teams: 4
Tournament Structure: Playoff (Double Elim Entire Tournament)
Maplist: Base, Beach, Escape2, Ice, Keep and Sub.
Servers: EU

Tournament is free for all to signup, you must have at least 3 players on your roster and a maximum of 4.

Map and round rules
Maps are decided by elimination in games that are not on the stream, whoever eliminates first in the first set of maps selection elims first if a decider is needed. Round can be seen below with a decider played if needed. However, games on the stream will have a different way of map selection where the viewers get to pick the maps, including any deciding maps. Warwitch will shoutcast the UB Final, LB Final and Grand Final and will use a strawpoll in these games to decide what maps are played - We have added an extra elimination where Warwitch can eliminate any map (if he decides to) where we have either seen too much of it or we want a chance of something else being played - this is Warwitch decision on every strawpoll and may not even come into use - it is totally at WW discretion.

Round Rules: Early Rounds of the Upper Bracket and most rounds of the lower bracket will consist of one AB round per map. (BEACH AB then ICE AB for instance - with each team attacking first in each game, if a decider map is needed it will be one round of AB again on whatever map is decided upon. More info on this to come in the new year.

More time will go into fixing up rules and adding teams who sign up in the new year - so don't worry if you are not added immediately.

Confirmed Teams
Europe paui - Latvia Clown, United Kingdom crumbs and Sweden askungen
Europe raw - United Kingdom jam, United Kingdom sqzz and Netherlands mirage
Europe noPressure - Estonia mata, Norway Kris and Estonia pudi
Europe gstars 1 - Belgium strango, Belgium frauwe and Belgium p5y
Europe gstars 2 - United Kingdom dts, United Kingdom neo, Germany xeioo and Finland jun
Sweden Noujz! - Sweden Malmen, Belgium syL, Sweden fette and Sweden ozzy
Europe poder da flor - Portugal punky, Belgium homie, Netherlands playa and Netherlands bully
Europe rusty - Germany Oxy, Germany weak, Netherlands karma and Belgium kevin
Poland elite - Poland h2o, Netherlands Thug, Finland raw and Netherlands fofo
Netherlands gMen - Netherlands crabje, Netherlands Enigma, Portugal os1ris and Netherlands adeto
United States of America Blatant Disrespect - United States of America CKY, United States of America Elusive and United States of America Donkey
United States of America unity - United States of America parcher, Netherlands max, Netherlands vis, United Kingdom lasher
Europe v56 - Belgium Azur, France Snatix, Belgium Buzzer
raw - jam, sqzz, mirage
elite - h2o, mini, raw, drkjee
gstars - strango, xeio, tba, tba
unity- parcher, max, vis, lasher
paui - clown, crumbs, tba
v56 - Azur, Snatix, tba
cu@cup Snatix feggit:S
cu there hamm8
Noujz! Malmen, syL, fette, ozzy
forfeit win for cave?! :D
you have ppl?
no :( islam, feri & ocelot can't play tonight so no match!
NetherlandsTeam-n0 NetherlandsThug - NetherlandsLefty - NetherlandsFoFo
poder da flor: punky, homie, bully xuxo, P5Y, strango
( gstars: neo, dts & xeioo )
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