need a team for CG or some players to build one together

Hi all,

i am in need of a team 6v6 for CG ladder or some guys to rebuild #zeroskill
fun and reliability are the most important things

about me:
-never cheated
-skill med
-polish, german, english
-prefer to play medic but can also be eng/smg or fop
-can play almost everyday from 19:30 till 24:00

feel free to contact me via crossfire or mirc #zeroskill
c u on the battlefield
inb4 #cweloskill (oby nie)

gl starszy człowieku
Good luck!
I can play :)
avi for team
i have zeroskill = np4me
may be avi ;)
Gl old guy :)
good luck
Oh my, I miss this game. Been a year or so since I played but the love is still strong. I get bursts of needing to play it. Pity I am living in London with no PC and no other way of playing it. FU life.
years of nerding here second
for ET u dont need a pc - wooden pc would much more than enough - just buy one for 30 € and lets roll
-can play almost everyday from 19:30 till 24:00

kurwa zazdroszcze
wszystko ma swoje plusy i minusy
fakt ze moge czesto grac i to na dodatek jeszcze zarbiajac przy tym na zycie (gram tylko w pracy) to wielki plus jednak minus jest jeszcze wiekszy - wychodze z domu o 09:30 i wracam o 22:30 a jak gram to i puzniej. Przez to nie widze w praktycznie rodziny syna i coreczki i nie widze jak dorastaja :( -- i zaden plus tego nie pokryje
ale masz tancheza, ja zawsze opierdole cos na cieplo !
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